TSSG Advisory Board

Prof. Willie Donnelly (President of the Waterford Institute of Technology)
Barry Downes (Chairman of TSSG)
Dr. Mícheál Ó Foghlú (Board Member)
Eamonn de Leastar (Board Member)
Dr. Peter McLoughlin (Vice President for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies, WIT)
Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam (Acting Director of Research, TSSG)
Kevin Doolin (Director of Innovation, TSSG)

Senior Management Team

Research Unit Managers

Leadership Team

Paul Cooke (AR/VR Research Unit Manager)
Catherine Cunniffe (Verification & Validation Manager)
Dr. Alan Davy (Research Unit Manager ENL)
Dr. Steven Davy (Research Unit Manager PAS (Programmable and Autonomous Systems))
Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam (Acting Director of Research, TSSG)
Jerry Horgan (Infrastructure Manager)
Kevin Doolin (Director of Innovation, TSSG)
Seamus Larrissey (Project and Management Accountant)
Jane Mahony (Senior HR Business Partner)
Denise Manton (RU Manager Mobile Services)
Eric Robson (RU Manager DM&SC)
Hazel Williams (Marketing Manager)

Research Unit - CDU (Creative Development Unit)

Cheryl Baldwin (UX Designer/Developer)
Ian Mills (AR/VR Team Lead)
Niamh O’Mahony (User Experience Designer/Developer)
Gavin Quilty (Software Developer)
Elaine Breen (User Experience Designer/Developer)
Paul Cooke (AR/VR Research Unit Manager)
Gerrard Fogarty (Software Developer)
Stephen Barnes (Graduate Software Developer)
Sharon Lambe (CDU Tech Lead)

Research Unit - DM&SC (Data Mining & Social Computing)

Faraz Tahir (Graduate Software Developer)
Anton Krug (Software Developer - Intern)
Kriti Bhargava (PhD student)
Eric Robson (RU Manager DM&SC)
Zohra Boudjemil (Researcher)
Danny Carroll (Multi-Media Designer/Developer)
Tom Curran (Senior Project Manager )
Dr. Stepan Ivanov (Postdoctoral Researcher )
Edel Jennings (Citizen Science and User Experience Researcher)
Dr. Chamil Kulatunga (Postdoctoral Researcher)
John McGovern (Researcher Mobile Pervasive Services)
Gary McManus (Organisational Systems Manager)
Philip O’Brien (Software Research Engineer)
Christine O’Meara (Commercialisation Specialist )
Sinead Quealy (Project Manager)

Research Unit - ENL (Emerging Networks Laboratory)

Zeta Dooly (Researcher)
Mohit Taneja (MSc Student)
Runxin Wang (PhD Student)
Martin Johnsson (Industry Industial Liaison Officer)
Mike Donohoe (PhD Student)
Dr. Bernard Butler (Senior Researcher )
Daniel Martins (PhD Student)
John Byabazaire (Masters Student)
Genaro Longoria (Ph.D. Student)
Dr Brendan Jennings (Head of Graduate Studies, WIT)
Dr. Alan Davy (Research Unit Manager ENL)

Research Unit - Mobile Services

David O’Halloran (Software Engineer )
Joe Tynan (Cloud Infrastructure Researcher)
Martin Tolan (Technical Lead)
Kieran Sullivan (Senior Research Engineer)
Dr. Michael Taynnan Barros (Post Doc Researcher)
Robert Ryan (Graduate Software Developer)
Ryan Stubbs (Graduate Software Engineer)
Peter Scanlon (Graduate Software Engineer)
Denise Manton (RU Manager Mobile Services)

Research Unit - PAS - Programmable and Autonomous Systems

Sean Lyons (Project Manager)
Frances Cleary (Business Development Manager)
Diarmaid Brennan (Research Engineer)
Dr. Hisain Elshaafi (Research Fellow)
Bríd Walsh (Project Manager)
Sidhant Hasija (Master's Student)
Sean Maher (Software Developer)
Abdullah Hamid (Graduate Software Developer)
Jason Whelan (Software Developer)
Sean O’Brien (Graduate Software Engineer)
Miguel Ponce De Leon (Chief Architect)
Micheal Crotty (Applied Researcher)
John McLaughlin (Senior Software Engineer)
Krsitina Matuleviciute (Software Developer - Intern)
Ehsan Elahi (PhD Research Fellow)
Pat Roche (Software Research Engineer)
David Ryan (Graduate Software Developer)
Derek O’ Keefe (Software Developer)
Fayaz Akhtar (PhD Student)
Dr. Steven Davy (Research Unit Manager PAS (Programmable and Autonomous Systems))

Support Unit - COO (Chief Operations Office)

Brian Foley (EU Quality Manager)
Deirdre Kearns (Marketing )
James Clarke (Strategic EU Liaison Manager)
Nichola Courtney (Project Administrator)

Support Unit - Infrastructure

Eamonn Power (Senior Sysadmin/Researcher/Software Engineer)
Michael Kugel (Systems Administrator)
Chris Buggy (Intern in the Infrastructure Group)
John Ronan (Researcher / Senior Systems Administrator)
Jerry Horgan (Infrastructure Manager)

Support Unit - V&V (Verification & Validation)

Ger Henderson (Verification & Validation Engineer )
Patrice Boleguin (Senior Software Test Engineer)
Phelim Dowling (Senior Software Test Engineer)
Catherine Cunniffe (Verification & Validation Manager)

Technology Gateway Industry Advisory Board