Eamonn Power , Senior Sysadmin/Researcher/Software Engineer

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Eamonn Power
Senior Sysadmin/Researcher/Software Engineer
Ph: +353 (0)51 302956
Email: epower@tssg.org

Current Activities / Research Interests

Prior to joining TSSG, Eamonn was a software engineer working with a number of start-ups. Eamonn started with TSSG on an Enterprise Ireland funded Proof-Of-Concept called VIPS. Its goal was to provide a user-friendly multi-tenancy VoIP solution for enterprise centres using Asterisk as the underlying subsystem.

Following this, he worked on a number of projects including IST-Enable (provided some demo components to display the underlying mobility system), 4WARD in the area of Future Internet network management and PanlabII in the area of federated testbed management.

From June 2010 to September 2012, he was dissemination lead on PASSIVE (http://ict-passive.eu). This EU project dealt with trustworthy policy-based in virtualised and cloud environments. As well as being the dissemination lead, he was also heavily involved in the technical details (policy specification and monitoring for hypervisors, system administration for production and demonstration subsystems).

From then until September 2013 he was part of the team on an Enterprise Ireland backed Commercialisation Fund project called Mobile Cloud Alliance as a technical lead. This project covered the future of voice and video based communication services including WebRTC and RTMP/RTMFP.

In that time he also built the initial prototype of the AltoCloud service as part of an Innovation Voucher and contract development.

In September 2013, he joined the Infrastructure Group as a senior system administrator and software engineer. This allowed him to focus and continue his work on FI-XIFI which covers federated research infrastructure presented as cloud services.. This also provided him with experience as an infrastructure owner in FIWARE Lab and technology provider to FIWARE related initiatives. His team delivered continuous integration environments for FIWARE Lab components, led training activities for the greater FIWARE community and interacted with other FIPPP initiatives such as INFINITY (liaising with industry partners) and FINESCE (GE review and requirements gathering for smart grid use cases).

In addition, he’s worked on building prototypes for SMEs under subcontracts, developed in-house services, supported testbed development efforts for the SFI funded CONNECT centre and provide support to researchers in their work using infrastructure, tools and methodologies.


Google Scholar Profile

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MSc in Communications Software, Waterford Institute of Technology