What Our Staff Say

Sharon_Fitzgerald_staff_pic“ Working with TSSG has enabled me to progress in my career in a dynamic, fun and challenging environment. My position allows me every opportunity to learn and grow professionally working with a diverse team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have been given numerous opportunities to work in areas with different roles and responsibilities meaning no two days are the same. I look forward to many more years with TSSG. ”

– Sharon Lambe, Multi-Media Designer/Developer


“ Working at TSSG I have got the chance to work with more modern technologies which imposes challenges but also a lot of joy. I have met great and friendly people with different backgrounds so I can always learn something new just by chatting with mates. I still get surprised how easy it was to come to Ireland. I did two Skype interviews and the next morning I received an email offering me the job. After that, they took care of everything regarding the visa and sent me all the documents I would need for immigration; all I had to do was pack the bags and get on the plane. The job, the people and the country are amazing. I am very pleased I joined TSSG. ”

– Lucas Braz, Android iOS Developer


“ Since starting with the TSSG in 2004 I’ve worked on many different types of projects. No two projects are the same; each provides different challenges and benefits. I’ve taken part in a number commercialisation projects which involved taking research outputs and creating spin-out companies from them. I’ve also worked on many innovation partnerships which involve close collaboration with Irish Industry; one company and one research institute with a specific research objective. Other types of projects that I’ve worked on are the EU FP7 research projects; these are particularly interesting as they involve collaboration between many partner (7-20). With so many partner the challenges are many but so are the benefits; I got to visit many of Europe’s great cities and work with some of the greatest minds in Europe. Across these projects my role has evolved, I started as a graduate and a junior software engineer; now I’m a data analyst, big data architect and technical lead in the TSSG’s Data Mining and Social Computing group. Working for the TSSG has also made it easy for me to further my education. I was able to complete the TSSG’s taught Masters in Computing (Communications Software) on a part time basis. Not only did the TSSG help me practically by allowing me attend classes during work time and financially by paying some of my fees, the course was made easier by the innovative and interesting work that I was doing in the TSSG at the time. The TSSG is an excellent company to work for as it provides many opportunities for you to show off your skills and it rewards you for them. It has one of the most modern facilities in the south-east of Ireland and a relaxing campus in a beautiful setting. If you love technology you’ll love working for the TSSG as we’re constantly working with leading edge innovations. ”

– Dónal McCarthy, Technical Lead


“ I learned about the TSSG when I was taking my Masters course at WIT in 2006. When I received my Masters the following year I applied for a job at TSSG as a research engineer. I worked on a range of national and European research proposals and projects that required taking many tasks and activities such as engineering and developing innovative software and publishing research papers. I learned a lot on scientific research, software engineering and a variety of professional skills thanks to the TSSG’s diverse working environment of researchers, students, lecturers and engineers of both WIT and external academic and industrial partners from across Europe. TSSG is a great place to work. The flexibility and the advanced research at TSSG has also allowed me to pursue a part-time PhD. Although a PhD is always challenging, the knowledge and excellent learning and supportive environment at TSSG has provided me with all I need to progress and make it possible. ”

– Hisain Elshaafi, Research Fellow


Mark_Williamson“ We have an excellent and skilled work force from all over the world at the TSSG who excel in their respective fields. TSSG provides an open and flexible working environment which in turn enables us to maximise our creativity and productivity. Working in such a helpful, supportive and dynamic research centre has enabled me to positively progress my career, I started as a software intern, and during my seven years here I have now progressed to a Senior Software Developer. I have relished the opportunity to work here and look forward to completing as well as contributing to future projects.”

– Mark Williamson, Software Developer


Steven_Davy“ Over the last 10 years at TSSG, I have travelled the world, worked with leading edge technology companies and I have greatly progressed my career. I started in TSSG as a PhD student and now I am a Unit Manager of over 20 staff. The opportunities in such a dynamic and changing work environment are endless; each and every day you learn something new. ”

– Dr. Steven Davy, Research Unit Manager


“ TSSG is a unique environment; it encompasses a broad span of enthusiastic researchers across information communication technology from diverse domains such as data privacy, policy management and energy efficiency. TSSG is a vibrant place to work, innovation, ideas and knowledge creation being top of the brain chain. Being based on the South East coast of Ireland where the office is only 15 minutes from the sea is an added bonus to working at the TSSG. In recent years the support from Waterford Institute of Technology in providing top class interns and students illustrates the talent in this region. Personally, working mainly on European funded research with partners across all European member states that TSSG strives for effective collaborative working environments while the people at the office provide the base of a friendly office environment.”

– Zeta Dooly, Research Projects Manager

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