Industry Engagement

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Are you at a Technology Crossroads in your business? Do you need assistance to develop your idea in order to take the right road? We can help you harness and develop that idea.

Companies that enter into strategic partnerships with the TSSG gain access to world-class knowledge, expertise, resources, technologies and facilities. We promote intellectual exchange and technology transfer with a view to building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Read customer testimonials here.

Our commercial team will work closely with you on your innovative idea so please reach out to the team through the contact below. We can also help identify the appropriate business models for your particular research needs.

Whether you are an SME or a large multinational, TSSG is interested in discussing the possibility of collaborating with you.


For more information, please contact:

Kevin Doolin, Director of Innovation at TSSG
M: +353 86 1527691
P: +353 51 302935

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Quick Questions Answered


Gain access to a world class pool of software engineering expertise.
TSSG believes that truly great academic research should achieve marketplace
commercialisation through practical application. TSSG’s mission is to leverage our excellence in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to deliver innovative research and commercial results for industry partners.

Work with world-class researchers across a variety of domains.
Our research teams comprise some of Ireland’s leading telecommunications and software researchers, experts, and engineers; this knowledge and expertise has enabled us to work with academic and industry leaders from around the globe.

Attend industry workshops and talks:
TSSG regularly organises industry focused workshops and talks from our researchers on a wide range of topics. Please contact us should you wish to join one of our industry focused workshops, or if you would to discuss requirements for a tailored workshop specific to your needs –
Where there is potential for any intellectual property to be produced, an agreement will be reached between the academic institution (through our Technology Transfer Office) and the industry partner before commencement of the project.
TSSG can support companies to leverage significant funding through Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers and Partnerships Programmes.



Innovation Vouchers


Innovation Voucher

Worth €5,000, vouchers assist a company to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge transfer provider such as TSSG.


Matched Innovation Voucher

The value of the matched voucher is €10,000 and the company contributes 50% of the project costs (€5,000).


Innovation Vouchers can be used for any kind of innovation such as:

  • new product/process development;
  • new business model development;
  • new service delivery and customer interface;
  • new service development;
  • tailored training in innovation management;
  • innovation/technology audit.


Innovation Partnerships

The Innovation Partnership Programme can provide up to 80% of the cost of research work to develop new and improved product, process or services, or generate knowledge and know how.

Engage with TSSG on collaborative research, to bring your idea to market.

You will find the full list of funding streams available to you HERE



case study



TSSG gave us ideas around the technology that was available to us and what could be done in terms of developing an overall system.  We moved on with an innovation partnership with TSSG and that allowed us to build a prototype into a full working system.  We did a number of reiterations with TSSG in terms of teasing out exactly what the ideas behind the system were where we saw there were unique benefits and unique capabilities that we could go back out to the market with and through a number of these reiterations we ended up with the full function system.

– Kevin Mullarkey, eDrive and CFO