TSSG’s Innovation & Commercialisation Centre leverages the scientific results of the TSSG to deliver innovative research and commercial solutions to the ‘TIME’ (Telecommunications, Internet, Media and Entertainment) cluster of companies. These companies include Multinationals, large Irish Industry, SME’s, and start-up’s.

TSSG provides a number of R&D services that includes services Research and Development of new technologies, contract research, knowledge transfer and consulting services to all Irish Industry.

Innovation in a box brings together all of the Research Units at TSSG and the services provided through each unit to enable your company to investigate, identify, implement and impact on your industry.

The below table provides the full list of Industry Services available.

Service Description
Innovation Vouchers (EI-IV) The Innovation Voucher programme was developed to build links between Ireland’s public knowledge providers (such as TSSG) and small businesses. Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider such as 3CS. 3CS processes around 25 vouchers per year for small companies and typically these are small problem solving projects.*Please note the next open call will open on Wednesday, May 7th and will close on Wednesday, May 21st.

Innovation Partnership (EI-IP) The EI-IP programme offers financial support to companies who engage in collaborative research projects with the TSSG. Enterprise Ireland provides grants of up to 80% towards eligible costs of the research project. The proposal process and administration of the project is managed by the TSSG. TSSG uses the EI-IP programme to undertake joint research and development, which has a high degree of risk with EI HPSUs, large Irish companies and multinationals located in Ireland. The foreground IP model is driven by EI and is typically held by the TSSG while the project is ongoing and then licensed to the company at the end of the project.

Contract Research TSSG engages in contract research to solve specific technical challenges for Irish companies. These projects are typically undertaken by companies so that they can own their own IP outright without having to license it from the TSSG. The projects also tend to be either too large to use a Voucher or not large enough to justify an Innovation Partners application. In addition these projects tend to be more technology development oriented, leveraging a specific TSSG researched knowledge base and not suitable for the high risk collaborate EI IP.
Consulting TSSG engages in consulting to solve specific research, technical or knowledge challenges for Irish companies. Consulting engagements tend to be high-value engagements using 3CS and TSSG researchers to examine specific issues and make recommendations. Typically the output is a report or a white paper for the company.
NGN Test Centre In 2010, TSSG created, developed and deployed the national NGN (Next Generation Network) Test Centre, with funding from EI. The NGN Test Centre hosts the FIRST, carrier-grade, open access IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) test network in Ireland, with equipment provided by Ericsson Ireland Ltd.The NGN Test centre allows technology providers worldwide working on new mobile phone applications to test, trial and validate integrated Internet, mobile and television services, along with converged voice and data products, services and functionality on a carrier-grade open access IP test network using industrially accepted and standardised API’s, before bringing them to market

Technology Licensing Technology Licensing in WIT is managed through the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). It is the TTO that licenses the outputs of EI-IPs to the partner companies. In addition TSSG develops service frameworks and technologies independent of partner companies through the EI Commercialization Fund and the European Commission Framework programme and TSSG works hand-in-hand with the TTO to identify opportunities to license these frameworks to Irish industry or to Irish entrepreneurs to help create new start-ups.

Find out more information on WIT Technology Transfer Opportunities here.

Spin In’s/ Spin Out’s (HPSU) TSSG works through the EI Commercialisation Fund to commercialise its service frameworks directly and can, and has, created new campus companies. In these situations TSSG works through these EI programmes to get its technology into the market and engage in market driving initiatives. Once the product is in the market TSSG works to attract a management team to the company, help them to raise venture capital and assign the technology to the company. A good example of such a campus company is FeedHenry Ltd.

  • Find out more information on TSSG Spin In /Spin Out Companies
Knowledge Transfer TSSG engages in a number of knowledge transfer activities including public presentations of results, seminars, conferences, industry consultation workshops and ad hoc knowledge exchanges through the ArcLabs Innovation Centre.

EU Programme Participation TSSG has a vast experience in the European Commission Framework Programme TSSG work to involve Irish companies wherever possible in these programmes.

Industry Driven Research Programme 3CS and TSSG recently collaborated on an EI funded Industry Led Research Programme (ILRP) IMS-ARCSproject where TSSG and other academic institutions to undertake knowledge and technology transfer of advanced IMS services to a number of Irish organizations including Vodafone, Aran Technologies, O2 Ireland, Anam, Openmind Networks, Trust 5, Business Runways, Alcatel Lucent, Cibenix, NCL Technologies, Cellusys, 3PlayPlus, Vennetics, Rococo, Voxpilot, Eircom, Shenick, Lake Communications, Solano Tech, Mobile Aware, Adaptive Mobile, Openet and Accuris Networks.


Competence Centre (EI-CC) The objective of the Competence Centreinitiative is to achieve competitive advantage for industry in Ireland by accessing the innovative capacity of the research community. Competence Centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry. They are resourced by highly qualified researchers associated with research institutions who are empowered to undertake market focused strategic R&D for the benefit of industry. This is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland allowing Irish companies and multinationals to work together in these centres. TSSG is currently collaborating on the Percolate Competence Centre.