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ab Call Communications Ltd.
T/a WINIcabs is an Irish startup
company which provides a fully
automated taxi dispatch system
that links available taxis with customers
using existing mobile phone technology.
A caller’s location is identified and the
nearest available drivers in the area will be
offered the job. Once a driver accepts the
job, the customer receives a text message
confirming driver details, including
car and taxi licence number. WINIcabs
also provides flexible payment options,
including charging it to credit cards or
even paying using a mobile phone.
WINIcabs was introduced to the TSSG
through the Enterprise Ireland Innovation
Voucher program. WINIcabs wanted
to leverage the TSSGs expertise in
telecommunication software and mobile
services, specifically focusing on location
information from mobile operators.
Technology Need
Cab Call Communications Ltd wanted to
enable calls to be routed to specific taxis
based on the location of both the caller and
the nearest available taxi in that location.
This process needed to be a simple solution
that didn’t require the operator to install
additional costly equipment.
Additionally, the solution needed to work
with the majority of existing mobile phones
used by taxi-driver’s, therefore, smartphones
with built-in GPS technology couldn’t
automatically be considered as a quick fix
Technology Solution
The TSSG solution used the Emergency
Call Answering Service (ECAS) which is
mandatory in most European countries. This
system allows location codes to be passed
on with the dialled number. This location
code can be received by an IP PBX, which
is automatically translated into geographic
coordinates, before being fed to a GIS
system. This information allows the system
to indentify where the nearest taxi driver is
for the caller and directs the phone call to
that specific vehicle’s phone. The solution
is straightforward and fast to implement
for almost any mobile operator, relying on
existing equipment. This solution provides a
quick, more efficient service.
Mobile Messaging
and Middleware
(3MT) Research Unit
The project for WiniCabs was delieved by
the TSSG’s Mobile platforms, Messaging
and Middleware (3MT) Research Unit led
by Miguel Ponce de Leon. 3MT research
conducted at TSSG focuses on all aspects of
integrated telecommunication management,
specialising in areas including
-Full lifecycle of integrated services:
Development, discovery, deployment,
activation, monitoring, and execution.
-Inter-discipline service management
research: Fuse emerging practices of
the modern web with the traditional
understanding of services management
as embodied in the telecommunications
-Cognitive mechanisms: Combine
management techniques to include
cognitive mechanisms.
-Federation: Flexible mechanisms and tools
to provide trusted federations.
-Virtual infrastructure & Cloud Computing:
Software as a Service, Platform as a Service
and Infrastructure as a Service.
The patented Winicab solution uses the cell
location of a customer’s mobile to route
the call to the mobile of the appropriate
cab driver via the proprietary WiniCab
geographic information system. The solution
is straightforward and fast to implement
for almost any mobile operator, relying on
existing equipment.
For more information view:
For more information on 3MT research
please visit:
Client Testimonial
“Working with the TSSG on a collaborative
Enterprise Ireland funded ‘Innovation
Voucher’ project enabled us to prove the
concept and develop software, which
is a core part of our overall product and
service offering, this has provided us with a
significant competitive advantage”
Paul O’Loughlin Kennedy CEO,
Cab Call Communications Ltd
The WINIcab Technology won the
prestigious AePONA/Neustar Developer
challenge at the Mobile World Congress 2011
in Barcelona
Innovator of the Year 2010, award by
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
(Eastern Region).
The TSSG leverages its scientific research
results to deliver innovative research and
Voucher Programme
Cab Call Communications & TSSG Innovation and Commercialisation Centre
“ Working with the TSSG... enabled us to prove the concept
and develop software...this has provided us with a significant
competitive advantage.”
commercial solutions for Irish industry and
Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Ups
TSSG has engaged with over 110 Irish
companies to deliver innovative solutions for
business growth. These companies leverage
the TSSG’s expertise through a variety of R&D
services. These services include: knowledge
transfer, contract R&D, Innovation Vouchers
and Innovation Partnership programmes.
The TSSG works closely with the Waterford
Institute of Technology (WIT) Technology
Transfer Office to provide technology licensing
opportunities for developed technologies.
If you have an idea for a tech start-up, or you
want to see how the TSSG can help you with
an innovation voucher partnership, contact:
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