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South East Gateway
Silcon Valley
TSSG & ITLG Partnership open-up a Silicon Valley gateway for Irish Innovation
n October 2011 TSSG announced that it was establishing an
office in partnership with the Irish Technology Leadership
Group (ITLG) in San Jose, California. Based at the Irish
Innovation Center (IIC), this office will provide a direct
technology “gateway” between Ireland’s South East region and
Silicon Valley.
The Irish Innovation Centre (IIC), an affiliate of the ITLG, is a flexible,
business development centre in Silicon Valley that currently houses 30
Irish technology start-ups seeking to develop strategic U.S. partnerships
and markets.
Barry Downes Executive Director, Innovation & Commercialisation, TSSG
said, “Establishing a TSSG presence in the heart of Silicon Valley will
provide a two way, free flow of people, knowledge, technology, projects,
companies and investment between both regions, with aim of creating
more high tech jobs in the South East of Ireland.”
“This initiative recognises the difficulties facing companies trying to
access the unique eco-system of Silicon Valley without having an
established network or local presence” commented Dr. Willie Donnelly,
VP Research, WIT and Director TSSG.
“TSSG’s unique platform for innovation in mobile and telecoms
technology, together with the ITLG’s network of over 1500 executives
from companies such as HP, Cisco, Apple and Intel provides Irish
companies with an unprecedented opportunity to gain access and
leverage leading edge knowledge, know-how and people, which will
help improve their competitiveness internationally” he said.
The ITLG, headquartered at Silicon Valley, is an Executive network
of Irish-linked technology leaders. The Group is extremely active in
the global technology industry, and is committed to ensuring that
Ireland remains a strategic area of investment and opportunity for
US technology companies. It is a key player in providing connectivity
between Irish companies and the US technology investment community.
John Hartnett, President and Founder, ITLG and Chairman of TSSG’s
Industry and Commercial AdvisoryBoard said, “Silicon Valley continues to
demonstrate leadership as an ideal location for Irish startups looking to
partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies based
here. We are delighted to make this international connection with the
TSSG. We know that ICT companies will have an unparalleled gateway to
TSSG’s innovation and Silicon Valley executives. We are looking forward
to deepening our relationship with both the TSSG and their Irish clients,”
he said.
San Jose, Silicon Valley, California