Project Overview

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Architecture for Location Based Application of Third Generation Operation Support Systems The AlbatrOSS (Architecture for Location Based Application of Third geneRation Operation Support Systems) project commenced in March 2002. The TSSG initiated the project proposal and fulfilled the roles of project co-ordinator and project manager. The key objectives of the project were to specify an innovative 3rd generation operations support system architecture applicable to an open 3G Mobile telecommunications environment and develop a set of OSS building blocks to support rapid creation, provisioning and maintenance of mobile Internet services. It was further proposed that the project would validate the architecture and building blocks through the operation of two sets of UMTS trials. The project partners responsible for meeting these objectives were: FOKUS, Atos Origin, LAKE Communications, Telenica I+D, T-Systems Nova and UH Communications.

Project Achievements

The overarching goal of delivering on the project objectives was to provide Service Providers with an environment allowing them to rapidly develop new services and mechanisms allowing them to adapt and integrate services on the fly, based on underlying heterogeneous infrastructures. This is really the challenge currently facing the European Information Society and is partially addressed by the work of AlbatrOSS. The project has worked closely with other projects (both EU, private and nationally funded) in an effort to create a critical mass in addressing the challenges identified for the realisation of cost effective 3GOSS platforms and services.




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