Project Overview

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The Arantech – Padie project aims to build a sophisticated data warehousing product that will be the platform where we can derive novel business intelligence using for innovative predictive analytical algorithms.
In the competitive mobile telecoms industry, the Telecoms Operators are increasingly looking to capitalise on the value hidden in their data. This strive for business insight, has led to more data being captured and persisted for longer. The traditional data storage and processing technologies are creaking with scalability issues.
By using Big-Data techniques the Padie project will enable Arantech to process these extremely large data volumes and bring valuable business intelligence to their clients.

Project Implementation

Develop a data warehousing solution for Arantech using hyper cube technologies that will augment their product suite with a highly innovative analytical platform.
Research and develop OLAP (Online analytical processing) data models that are consistent with Arantech’s current data schemas and flexible enough to efficiently allow for future expansions.
Use advanced dimension reduction and feature selection techniques in order to optimise the performance of the system and create the required flexibility for Arantech to achieve their commercial objectives.
Build a predictive analytics enabler layer, comprising of a combination of frequent pattern mining and classification techniques, which will model the data and identify key performance indicators.


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