Project Overview

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The BiC project builds on the work of the concluding Co-ordination Action INCO-TRUST (funded under Call 1 of Objective ICT-2007.1.4). INCO-TRUST established a framework for collaboration between EU programme managers and research communities within Trustworthy ICT and the first-world countries USA, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Canada. This project has been highly successful in establishing consensus and co-operation between the research and industrial leaders and programme management decision makers in these countries.

Within the BiC Co-ordination Action, the successful models already progressively developed by the project partners will be used to engender co-operation of EU researchers and programme management with their peers in countries who have already signed S&T agreements, namely Brazil, India and South Africa. The action will facilitate (including funding for networking activities and workshops) a technical and programme level catalyst for engagement, collaboration and networking activities internationally in a step-wise systematic fashion. These new countries represent significant emergent and high-impact information economies through the scale and sophistication of their growing ICT sectors. From initial contacts, the emerging states clearly recognize the EU’s value for ICT interactions and are actively committed to engagement.

Project Implementation

In addition, the project will provide continuity and bring together a truly global collaboration with the participation of the already established connections from the INCO-TRUST project between the EU and the United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Canada. This will be accomplished by the establishment of an International Advisory Group (IAG) and an Annual Forum on Trustworthy ICT based in Europe. The IAG will provide a dedicated forum to address trust & security issues of global relevance. BIC will support the implementation of this forum. If successful, Europe has a unique opportunity to establish a vision that reflects the European technical, societal and economic values for future global solutions.

Key Objectives

Charting the landscape of Brazil, India and South Africa and their initial match to EU trust, security and privacy themes;

Prioritisation of the EU influenced vision and research directions amongst the new countries (Brazil, India and South Africa), including alignment of work programmes;

Global alignment, consensus and outreach of the European visions and challenges across all targeted countries;

Definition of Tangible International Activities including establishing success metrics and setting up projects.

In this project, the TSSG are the coordinator of the projects and contribute to all work packages.
BiC started on 1st January 2011 and is funded by the European Union FP7 ICT work programme, under ICT Call 5 to a total of €750,000 euro. The project is of three years duration and will conclude on 31st December 2013.




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