Project Overview

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Connected Communities’ was a South East Regional Authority initiative to create a viable model for delivering information and communication services to small communities in the South East Region. The first stage of this initiative, with the support of the Southern Regional Assembly, is complete with 5 pilot communities one in each of the five regional counties now producing and self-publishing local and relevant content for their communities.  Each community has an active local portal and messaging services for groups in place.

The CARP project began on 01/06/2004 and ran until 31/11/2005.

Project Achievements

Transfer of the Connected Communities content engine and expertise to the Welsh partner and its implementation in five communities in Wales. Ref.

Provision of wireless broadband access to the participating communities to enable them to download the substantial content that was developed during the connected communities project.

The pilot communities involved in the project were:




Mr. Frank McCarthy



CARP partners:

  • SEISS at TSSG,
    Waterford Institute of Technology
  • IFA Telecom
  • Dendreath, Gwyndd, Wales. (incorporating five connected communities in Wales)
  • Community Publishing (ClanEire)