Project Overview

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The Catalyst project developed and implemented the Catalyst 3G multimedia Messaging System (MMS) platform. The Catalyst service allows mobile operators such as O2 Ireland to create a vibrant third-party service provider eco-system that enables service providers to create, test and deploy premium services quickly and cost-effectively.
Catalyst was funded by Enterprise Ireland and O2 Ireland under the Innovation Partnership fund. The total budget of the project was approximately 95K. The project was completed in December 2005.

Mobile operators do not have the resources or content to build a sufficient critical mass of revenue-generating 3G services to make 3G a success by themselves – they need to create an eco-system of third party service providers. Service providers in turn need a simple and cost effective way of migrating their content to the 3G environment and ensuring their services are interoperable from network to network. Furthermore making it easy for content providers to create services is only the start – it needs to be easy for operators and service providers to test, deploy, manage and retire services. This is where Catalyst is used.

Project Achievements

TSSG teamed up with O2 Ireland to develop a prototype to integrate into their network that allowed end users to create services and plug into O2s services. The prototype contains the following components:

* Web based front end portal built using Java.
* User profile configuration so that the user could customise the look and feel.
* Added value services based on the SMS and MMS services.
* Configuration management component whereby the end user could customise their mobile web site and determine what users could access it.
* Personalised Blog site creation.
* As this project coincided with O2’s i-Mode work we included support for i-Mode in the product which may be used by O2 to develop more i-Mode supported sites.

TSSG launched the service to a closed user group in Ireland and continue to run the Beta service for a limited number of SMEs and clubs.

Summary of outputs:

· Project Final Report for Enterprise Ireland.

· Prototype Service available to O2 Ireland customers.


Enterprise Ireland.


Hélène Haughney,, +353 (0)51-302974

Partner List

Project partners were O2 Ireland.