Project Overview

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The focus of Daidalos was to develop and demonstrate an open architecture based on a common network protocol (Ipv6). The architecture integrates complementary network technologies to provide pervasive and user-centred access to these services, and develops optimized signalling system for communication and management support in these networks.Development of business modelling solutions for the overall Daidalos architecture

The project began in November 2003 and was completed in March 2006.

Project Achievements

Development of business modelling solutions for the overall Daidalos architecture

o   Provision of security expertise to assist the project in making key security and privacy architecture decisions

o   Provision of test beds and testing expertise for the project

o   Development of third party applications and services, to be used to facilitate scenario demonstrations.

Non-refereed academic papers

Davy, A, Mahon, F, Doolin, K, Jennings, B, Ó Foghlú, M, (2005) “Personalised, Context-aware Composition of Pervasive Mobile Services”, In the proceedings of the 1st Euro Conference on mGov 2005

Daidalos Security Framework for Mobile Services (W. Fitzgerald, K. Doolin, F. Mahon, TSSG; C. Hauser, UStutt; A. Gomez-Skarmeta, UMU; S. Butler, Lake; P. Schlosser, B. Weyl, BMW)  eChallenges e-2005  Ljubljana, Slovenia
Philippopoulos, P., Menexis, S., Farshchian, B., Mahon, F., Rogue, R. Pervasiveness in Converged Telecommunications: A Business Opportunity for the Operators, In the proceedings of e-2005 e-Challenges Conference, Ljubljana.

Personalised, Context-aware Composition of Pervasive Mobile Services (F. Mahon, A. Davy, K. Doolin, B. Jennings, M. O Foghlu, TSSG)  Euro mGov 2005: 1st Europ. Conf. on Mobile Government   Brighton, UK  10-Jul-05


Security and privacy in a pervasive world – The Daidalos approach (J. Clarke, TSSG; M. Neubauer, C. Hauser, UStutt)  Eurescom mess@ge magazine  Issue 2/2005, page 8  30-Jun-05


Discovering and Managing Composed Services in Pervasive Systems (K. Doolin, F. Mahon, TSSG)  Global IPv6 Summit 2005  Barcelona  6-Jun-05.

Challenges of Identity, Authentication, and Discovery Management in a Ubiquitous environment: The DAIDALOS perspective. (J. Clarke, S. Butler, LAKE; S. Dempsey, M. Crotty, J. Brazil, WIT; C. Hauser, M. Neubauer, UStutt, A.J. Blazic, SETCCE)  7th Int. Symposium on Communications Interworking  Ottawa, Canada  29-Nov-04

Public Deliverables

The following Daidalos public Deliverables are available here: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/publications/publications.htm

D031 BSCW and other collaborative tools towards Knowledge Management
D032 Deployment of Project Web site
D111 Consolidated Scenario Description

D231 Modeling and simulation results

D321 QoS Architecture and Protocol Design Specification
D331 Security Framework Design Specification
D341 A4C Framework Design Specification
D351 Service Creation Platform Design Specification
D441 Specification of Daidalos service model for pervasive systems
D513 Handbook for Daidalos Integration-oriented Developments


Daidalos Public Workshop, Stuttgart, December 2004. All presentation materials are available here: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/events/04-12-audit-ws/e_programme.htm

IPV6 Cluster Event, Manchester, September 2004. Presentation materials are available here: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/publications/cluster-docs/04-09-ipv6-cluster-tssg.pdf

IPV6 Global Summit / Internet Global Congress,, Barcelona, June 2005. Presentation materials not available online.

Daidalos Public Workshop: HeidleBerg, October 2005. All presentation materials are available here: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/events/05-10-19-ws/e_programme.htm

eChallenges 2005: “Pervasiveness in Converged Telecommunications: A Business Opportunity for the Operators”, “Daidalos Security Framework for Mobile Services”


IT&T conference 2005: Poster presentation on “Scenario based technologies in identifying UbiComp Application sets”.


Technology Demonstration Stand: DAIDALOS: Touching the Pervasive Computing Environment. (M. Ponce de Leon, WIT; J.Clarke, LAKE)  IT&T 2004: Information Technology and Telecommunications  Limerick, Ireland  20-Oct-04

General Publicity

Daidalos @ IST 2004: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/events/04-11-ist2004/Daidalos_at_IST2004.htm

Daidalos @ Internet Global Congress / IPV6 Global Summit: http://www.ist-daidalos.org/daten/events/05-06-global-ipv6-summit/Daidalos_at_Global_IPv6_Summit.htm

Research Matters, January 2005.

“Scientists seek simplest solutions”, B. Skelly, Knowledge Ireland, Silicon Republic, 2005.





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Partner list:

            Deutsche Telekom, DE

Portugal Telecom Inovacao SA, PT

Telenor Communications II AS, NO

Telefonica Investigation y Dessarrollo Sociedad Anonima Unipersonal, ES

European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications GmbH, DE

Telecom Italia. S.p.A., IT

Polska Telefonica Cyfrowa, PL

Telediffussion de France, FR

OTE Hellenic Telecommunicaitons Organization S.A., GR

Motorola S.A.S, UK

Siemens AG, DE

NEC Europe Ltd., UK

Lucent Technologies Nederland BV, NL

BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH, DE

SES Global, LU

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur  F derung der angewandten Forschung, DE

Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., DE

Institut Eurecom, FR

Institute for Infocomm Research, SG

Instituto de Telecomunicaoes, PT

Universitat Stuttgart, DE

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES

Zavod Za Varnostne Tehnolohije Informacijske Druzbe in Elektronsko, Slovenia

Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza, PL

Heriot-Watt University, UK

ICCS- Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens, GR

Agora Systems S.A., ES

HW Communications Limited, UK

comnac – Communications Network Aachen GmbH, DE

France Telecom, FR

Eidgenuriche Technische Hochschule Zurich, CH

Waterford Institute of Technology, IE

Lake Holdings, IE

Institute of Communication and Information Technologies Ltd., PL

UH Communications A/S, DE

TTL LAB (China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MII), CN

INESC Porto – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Coputadores do Porto, PT

Universidade do Porto / Laboratory of Artificial Intelliagence, Computer Science, PT

Universitat Ulm, DE

Technische Universitat Braunschweig, DE

Universidad de Murcia, ES

Jozef Stefan Instiute, SI

University Lancaster, UK

Temagon – Technology & Management Consultancy Services S.A., GR

Consorzio Centro di Ricera in Matematica Pura ed Applicata c/o – Universita di Roma “La Sapienza”, IT

The University of Auckland, NZ

Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, DE