Project Overview

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The focus of Daidalos was to develop and demonstrate an open architecture based on a common network protocol (Ipv6). The architecture integrates complementary network technologies to provide pervasive and user-centred access to these services, and develops optimized signalling system for communication and management support in these networks.

Daidalos was funded by the FP6 Programme.

Project Achievements

Mobile users can enjoy a diverse range of personalized services – seamlessly supported by the underlying technology and transparently provided through a pervasive interface

Mobility has been fully established through open, scalable and seamless integration of a complementary range of heterogeneous network technologies.

Network and service operators are able to develop new business activities and provide profitable services in such an integrated mobile world.


At the exhibition of the Celtic Event in Berlin on 22-23 February, Daidalos presented selected project results at the booth of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.
Further information about the event is available here
Daidalos, in conjunction with the ITU-T, organised a workshop on “Digital Identity for NGN” at the ITU headquarters in Geneva. The workshop aimed at bringing together different international R&D companies, operators, standards organizations, and projects. The problem of digital identity and how identity maps to the network was in the focus of the discussions. Further information about the event is available at Workshop on Digital Identity for NGN
As a part of the exhibition at the  IST Event 2006 in Helsinki, Daidalos  presented selected results with a focus on automotive scenarios. In a vote on the best exhibitions, Daidalos was ranked among the top ten. Further information about the event is available at IST Event 2006 in Helsinki

At the eChallenges e-2006 in Barcelona, DAIDALOS presented selected results in the exhibition and in the conference. See eChallenges e-2006

At the IST Mobile & Wireless Communication Summit in Myconos, Greece, DAIDALOS showed selected results from phase I of the project. In addition, DAIDALOS also presented results in the conference.
Further information on the event is available at http://mobilesummit2006.org

On 11-12 May, Daidalos participated in the Joint Workshop “Security & Dependability in Mobile and Wireless: Future requirements for R&D Brussels”. The 2-day working meeting was jointly organised by the SecurIST project, eMobility, and the WWRF. See Daidalos at the Security & Dependability workshop in Brussels

Daidalos participated in the WWRF ( Wireless World Research Forum ) meeting 15 – 17 November 2006, Heidelberg, Germany. See World Wide Research Forum

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Partner list:

Deutsche Telekom AG
France Telecom
Portugal Telecom Inovacao S.A.
Telecom Italia S.p.A.
Telediffusion de France
Telefonica Investigation y Dessarollo
Telenor ASA
Lucent Technologies Nederland BV
Motorola S.A.S.
NEC Europe Ltd.
Siemens AG
HW Communication Ltd.
Lake Communications
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung