Project Overview


effectsplus is a FP7 funded Coordination & Support Action, across a large spectrum of R&D activity in the ICT Framework Programme that relates to the twin requirements of trust and security, and their constituent concepts and components.

The benefit of Effectsplus:

1. Promote the achievements of current security, trust and identity projects amongst the clusters and FIA.
2. improved networking amongst experienced researchers in this area
3. Gather, feedback, and disseminate results arising from the Clustering back to the projects, the FI area, and the wider community, and the roadmap for future research in trust and security.
4. Align vision of the FIA workshops with the themes and topics of the Project Clusters.
5. Build a community of interest including, but not limited to, the immediate project and FIA clusters and groups; extend to the outreach of the immediate community into the wider community of beneficiaries – consumers and providers

Project Implementation

The Clustering of Trust and Security (T&S) projects
• The coordination of Trust and Security, Privacy, and Compliance for Future Internet through the structures and activities of the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) or subsequent initiatives.
• The provision of a channel for feedback and dissemination of R&D results and issues, and bringing together challenges for the strategic research agenda.
• To analyse results from current and earlier trust and security work (i.e., from calls prior to Call 5), and to identify key areas and key players from new projects (Call 5) for the preparation of clustering and roadmapping activity.• To build and support the community of interests in trust and security results; providing the logistics and support for workshops, documents and web-based dissemination.




Official EFFECTS+ website at: www.effectsplus.eu
TSSG website entry at:
Project contact/ coordinator within TSSG: email fcleary@tssg.org