Project Overview


EFIPSANS is a 3 year project aiming to expose the features in IP version six protocols that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing or building autonomic networks and services. What this means is, a study of the emerging research areas that target desirable user behaviours, terminal behaviours, service mobility, e-mobility, context-aware communications, self-ware, autonomic communication/computing/networking will be carried out, and out of these areas desirable autonomic(self-*) behaviours in diverse environments e.g. end systems, access networks, wireless versus fixed network environments will be captured and specified.

Project Implementation

In the ICT EFIPSANS project we are leaders of WP4 “Autonomic Network Management”, were we are looking at how to make management functions such as fault-management functions autonomic. Central to network management is also the role of “monitoring”, which is also a fundamental element that supplies information a control loop of an autonomic function(s). From this research we are creating Autonomic Behaviour Specifications for selected diverse networking environments (ABs) and the Requirements Specifications (RQs). This will contribute software components (Prototype) for each of the EFIPSANS Frameworks, tools development (Prototype) and software components for simulation.

Key Objectives

The vision is that, the specified autonomic behaviour specifications, the identified exploitable IPv6 features and new protocol and architectural extensions will one day be standardized in the long run (after the first 3 years of EFIPSANS) i.e. maturing from being drafts to standards.

Project Achievements

D4.1: Autonomic Monitoring Node Functionality and Dissemination of Information.

Editors: Kevin Quinn (TSSG)

Co-Authors: Alan Davy, Lei Shi

In the context of ICT EFIPSANS project TSSG researchers produced the following 3 papers, to be presented in 2009:

Ranganai Chaparadza, Symeon Papavassiliou, Timotheos Kastrinogiannis, Martin Vigoureux, Emmanuel Dotaro, Alan Davy, Kevin Quinn, Michal Wodczak, Andras Toth, Creating a viable Evolution Path towards Self-Managing Future Internet via a Standardizable Reference Model for Autonomic Network Engineering, FIA, PRAGUE, 2009

Alan Davy, Brendan Jennings, Dmitri Botvich, An approach to Measurement Based Quality of Service Control for Communications Networks, IM 2009 Dissertation Digest.

Smirnov, M., Tiemann, J., Chaparadza, R., Rehai, Y., Papavassiliou, S., Karyotis, V., Pouli, V., Merkoulias,V., Gulyas, A., Heszberger, Z., Retvari, G., Nemeth, F., Wodczak, M., Kakdanis, V., Markopoulous, A., Karantoniss, G., Davy A, Quinn, K., Cheng, S., Li, Y., Jin, Y., Gong, X., Cui, Y., Hu, Bo., Shi, Y., Wang, W., Liakopoulos, A., Zafeiropoulos, A., Lopez, J. A. L., Munoz, J, M, G., Vigoureux, M., Clearly D., Demystifying Self-awareness of Autonomic Systems, András TÓTH, ICT ‘09 Mobile Summit.




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