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The emergence of open service platforms such as web services provides major opportunities to position the European software industry at the heart of the emerging information society. However, the uptake of solutions based on software by industry is dependent on industry confidence in their security and dependability.

The project was positioned to support the emergence of software and services platform architecture ensuring the incorporation of security and dependability best practice.

The project complemented the already existing coordination actions, e.g. SecurIST, to help shape the security and dependability content within the European Strategic Research Agenda. It co-operated with SecurIST to ensure that open service requirements are incorporated into the SecurIST security and dependability technology roadmap and that the roadmap is incorporated into the research agenda of the software and service research community. ESFORS acted as a bridge between these two communities: the software and services application community and the security and dependability community.

Project Start Date :                                         M1 (November 2005)

Project End-date:                                            M24 (October 2007).

Project Achievements

Established a Pan European Industry and Academic forum addressing security and dependability issues for software, services and systems.

Developed a Strategic Security Research agenda in support of Framework Programme 7 software and Services research initiatives. ESFORS fed into the definition of the ESRA in the European Technology Platform on software and services resulting in the magnification of the ESFORS project’s results.

Specified an Industry framework, agreed by European stakeholders, for security, dependability and resilience of systems, services and infrastructures.



15/05/2006            16/05/2006      ISAS 2006, 3rd International Service Availability Symposium, Helsinki, Finland. Jim Clarke


08/06/2006       09/06/2006 EC IST FP6 Inter-Project Workshop on Security 2006 St. Augustine, Germany . Jim Clarke,

http://www.ccrl-nece.de/secws06/secws06_program.pdf ,

06/09/2006       07/09/2006 Workshop on Joint Software and Service Development, Security and Dependability, Paris, France. Jim Clarke, Zeta Dooly

08/09/2006       NESSI Trust, Security and Dependability Working Group Meeting, Palaiseau, France, Jim Clarke

22/11/2006       NESSI Trust, Security and Dependability Working Group Meeting, Helsinki, Finland. Jim Clarke

General Publicity


Clarke, J. Pasic, A., “*ESFORS – NESSI Workshop Addresses New Research Priorities in Trust, Security and Dependability in Software Systems and Services*”, ERCIM News 68, pp. 63-64. On line version available at http://ercim-news.ercim.org/images/stories/EN68/EN68.pdf





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