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The global business software market is predicted to grow by more than 8% in 2011 and information management software will be one of the strongest players within the sector (10% CAGR). A key challenge for companies is to manage ever increasing amounts of information from multiple sources, and to harness that knowledge converting it into actionable intelligence. One business grappling with this challenge is Business Education. Legacy information sources have changed little over the past few decades and fail to harness the opportunity of a busier, more social web. Recent studies conducted by the Primary Research Group (2011) in the US highlight the failure of the traditional aggregator incumbents in this market to deliver curated, personalised contextually relevant knowledge to help students make better decisions about their research.


The mission for EGP is to create a premier on demand workforce enterprise platform for connecting experts and enterprise clients. This expert-sourced workforce platform will be targeted at enterprises with large-scale knowledge and knowledge based demands. The platform will allow corporations to leverage a broad range of professional skills from a pre-qualified global talent pool or “private crowd” while also enable clients to manage and complete business projects successfully. Using a distributed workforce, EGP will provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective work results at unprecedented speed.


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