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Project Overview

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The project built an Integrated Telecommunication System that served  advanced Web-integrated multimedia services (e.g. GenesisXRM) over an all IP network with fixed and wireless broadband access lines. Additionally ITA and Alvarion demonstrated systems-monitoring and configuration tools enabling the project’s WiMax and Femto services and networks to be monitored and configured centrally. In this way, the project addressed the core and focus of the Celtic programme, namely Services and Applications and Broadband Infrastructures.


The field trial was comprehensive. One testbed had a 2G/3G mobile access network, facilitated by Femto cells, and the other had mobile WiMAX.  These respective testbeds were interconnected using high speed networks secured using layer 3 VPN’s. New services were tested and validated in the scenario composed of two integrated test-beds. By interconnecting both tests-beds GenesisX was able to validate complex roaming and operator interconnection scenarios and heterogeous access networks.

GenesisX was funded by the Eureka Celtic programme using Enterprise Ireland’s International Research Fund. The project ran from March of 2009 with TSSG’s contribution beginning in September 2010.  The final review was completed successfully in May 2011.

Project Achievements

Refereed Academic papers

Dempsey, Shane, Jennings, Brendan, Brazil, Jonathan, and Madigan, Jason 2011 Using Ambient Intelligence to Infer Availability and Meta-status in a Picocell Environment In Proc. 7th Internataional Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2011), to appear IET

Non-refereed academic papers


We did not engage in any standardization efforts. However we implemented the femto/pico infrastructure within the TSSG to 3GPP IMS Release 8 femto cell specifications.


Enterprise Ireland.


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Partner list:

Alvarion Spain (Spain, Coordinators)
Telefonica I+D (Spain)
Alvarion Romania (Romania)
Embou (Spain)
MailVision (Israel).
Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland)
Druid Software (Ireland)