Project Overview

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This project aimed to take advantage of the Information Syndication Revolution that is currently engulfing the Internet. Information feeds of all types, from blogs to news feeds, are fast becoming the standard way of sharing information, ideas, and news. This project involved the prototyping of a system that will enhance the way in which people subscribe to, read, and share information feeds; while also making it easier to get the information people want, when and where they want it. It advances the state of the art by creating the concept of meta feeds based on what people view and what they are interested in.

The Henry project was funded by Enterprise Ireland under the Commercialisation Fund Proof of Concept Phase (CFPOC).   The project has been ran from September 2005 to  September 2006.

Project Achievements

  • Web Services Interface: Using a standardised interface the Henry Core was exposed to the web via Web Services. These Web Services will allowed 3rd party clients to interface with Henry. Many applications can then be built on top of Henry.
  • Web Client: This provides an end-user interface which does not require any special skills to use. Users may sign up for accounts and personalise their feed subscriptions. The interface will use leading technologies to provide a desktop application like experience over the web.
  •   A System Architecture design and Information Model.
  • The major deliverable of the project will be the working prototype of Henry.






Enterprise Ireland.


Paul Watson  pwatson@tssg.org +353 (0)51 302988