Project Overview

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This Enterprise Ireland funded project was to devise and implement a set of IDE/VM extensions to boost developer productivity. The project focused on the needs of the modern software developer, operating in diverse heterogeneous environments, building scalable, distributed and networked application suites and software services. The project devised a set of software productivity tools to significantly boost developer productivity, increasing the quality and reliability of applications under construction.

These tools addressed the needs of the general distributed application developer and also the requirements associated with the development of
next generation telecommunications services. The requirements and opportunities for this new development technology arise from major trends in software development paradigms over the past ten years and in the projected convergence of the Internet technologies with
telecommunications infrastructure, particularly mobile wireless services.
Start:  March 2003
Finished:March 2004

Project Achievements

An implementation was developed for the Eclipse IDE, and positive feedback from developers who used this implementation. A port to the
Netbeans IDE was developed by the commercial partner on project completion.


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