Project Overview

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It is becoming an essential requirement of wireless communication networks to support real-time multimedia service with diverse Quality of Service (QoS) constraints. The research objective of this project is to use a measurement based approach to capture the critical factors that impact on the provisioning of QoS for real-time multimedia services within a wireless communications network and to propose informed QoS control schemes based on attained results. This proposed research takes a different direction than current popular approaches that focus on building analytical models of the systems in question such as the wireless link and real-time traffic. Such approaches can lead to naive solutions for QoS control as dependencies on strict assumptions within the environment such as channel fading, traffic characteristics, power consumption, topology and mobility can lead to inefficient provisioning of resources.


The project was started 1/08/2010 and is due to be completed 31/01/2013

Project Implementation

A main output of this research will be a QoS control framework for management of diverse real-time multimedia services over heterogeneous wireless access technologies. The research will contribute to both a deeper understanding of the affect various wireless network conditions have on link capacity and investigate informed control strategies for improving QoS compliance of real time multimedia traffic over wireless LAN.

Project Achievements

2 Invention Disclosure Forms submitted
–“Method and System for effective capacity estimation of an end to end data communication path”.
–“Method and System for estimating the Quality of Service capacity of a wireless link”.
Expected up coming Publications
–“An Empirical Study of the Effective Capacity Throughput in 802.11 Networks”, preparing for submission (ICC / WCNC)
Authors: Alan Davy, Brian Meskill, Albert Cabellos (UPC), Jordi Domingo Pascual (UPC), Marc Portoles (CTTC)
–“A Measurement based tool for estimating the Effective Capacity of wireless links”, in collaboration with UPC and CTTC.
Authors: Alan Davy, Brian Meskill, Albert Cabellos (UPC), Jordi Domingo Pascual (UPC), Marc Portoles (CTTC)




Name: Alan Davy

Phone: +353 51 302970, +34 93 405 4035