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Mobile Operators are facing an increasingly challenging market. The popularity of smart devices has made downloadable applications and Over The Top (OTT) services a mass market phenomenon, creating a new landscape that threatens operators with lost revenue and loss of customer engagement. Mobile consumers have a growing appetite for applications from third-party providers that are innovative and feature-rich. Instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) services are proving particularly popular.
Consumer demand for OTT services and mobile apps is extend their presence across multiple devices in a unified manner. There are many Internet players and products addressing this demand and subsequently displacing operator’s traditional voice and SMS revenue streams.

The openRMC media control unit is a scalable, fully customisable P2P rich media platform which is bandwidth friendly ensuring optimum user experience and seamless connectivity in the mobile environment. The unique P2P component is easily integrated into existing infrastructures enabling mobile network operators deliver compelling new media services that drive revenue and add value.

Constructed and delivered in software, openRMC is a carrier grade real-time rich media control platform which will allow communication service providers offer new mobile Voice over IP, media, messaging, video and screen collaboration features to subscribers through their WebRTC enabled browser or client application.

The openRMC technology will allow all communication media to be transported on a peer-to-peer basis, with the network logic managing intelligent signaling only. Consequently, openRMC makes it economic for operators to host a new category of application on the network, which can compete directly with over the top peer-to-peer Internet services.

The solution components of openRMC, which includes WebRTC and RTMFP can be deployed with existing network elements to provide an end-to-end and fully supported, fault tolerant and scalable set of consumer applications.

The MCA project is currently Running and was funded by the Enterprise Ireland.

The project started in December of 2011 and ends in January 2014.


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