Project Overview

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Social networks as we know them today are all about connecting an individual to the people they know and encouraging real time communication and content sharing. The mass-market success of these services demonstrates a truly global human appetite for this kind of interaction and a potential for long-term monetization. There is, however a growing recognition that these social networks only offer high paced stream of conscious based updates, not more reflective meaningful interactions. Mindhop takes a different approach – it fundamentally believes that as well as enriched communications, humans also possess a strong desire to meet new people and that a new type of social network that starts with a topic and provides social tools to create a community around that topic would ultimately become both a more powerful and more commercially valuable proposition.

Key Objectives

Technically Mindhop presents several key challenges which need to be resolved as part of the proposed research:

  • Ontology platform – to capture the hierarchy of related keywords, and to display this visually. We also need to understand how new ‘channels’ can be created, others merged and new interrelationships established going forward.
  • Content aggregation – to bring together valuable, high grade content automatically without requiring manual curation and to ensure page-loading times are acceptable without having the expense of content caching or storage.
  • Personal interest channel plugin – design, updating and striking the balance between local storage and linkage with other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.
  • UI Design – for both the home screen and aggregator screens.


Enterprise Ireland.


For further information please contact:

Eric Robson

Zohra Boudjemil