mo-bizz – Fostering Mobile Business through Enhanced Cloud Solutions

Project Overview

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Mo-bizz aims to launch an advanced mobile cloud ecosystem to a pan-European and global audience as an agnostic, scale-free and widely accessible platform by following an open approach re-using existing solutions and extending existing mechanisms and protocols to new market players making available a real-time, converged, operational service platform for business apps.

Project Implementation

The mo-bizz platform (pictured below) is built with enough flexibility that it scales up with any new businesses.

The applications and services offered by mo-bizz are available through a Marketplace, where customers can browse for a desired service, search different business models and select an appropriate service.


These services are delivered through the Service Delivery Broker (SDB) and come with important functionalities for developers, like authentication via multiple Identity Providers (e.g. Facebook, Google, enterprise LDAP) and token management. For mo-bizz applications the SDB API Gateway handles the authentication and authorization flows, caching, throttling and other necessary functionalities. The Ontologies Based Enterprise Application Integration (ONAR) framework facilitates the creation of new web services from legacy applications with low development overhead and adds semantic information to the services in order for a more effective service discovery by app developers.

The underlying support performed by SmartCloudPT provides computing and network resources for hosting the business applications and additionally simplifying a SaaS model for the applications. Hosted applications and services are associated with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with proper compliance monitoring through an integrated SLA framework that implements the WS-Agreement specification.

Mo-bizz provides the complete stack from the hardware layer up to the service layer allowing the integration of existing business solutions and developing new mobile applications



Key Objectives

The main objective of mo-bizz is to open up a mobile cloud ecosystem to a pan-European and global audience. It will be a widely accessible platform for business applications that satisfies the needs of a highly diverse customer population of corporate and individual users.


Investigate and design a highly flexible, resource-optimized and dynamic mobile network and service architecture for a system that encompasses and integrates three major domains:

  • Network and Computing Infrastructures.
  • Mobile Networks.
  • Cloud Services.


Develop a business model and rapid service development environment that allows businesses to expose their key functionalities to their customers and integrate with existing business applications where necessary.

No such capability currently exists and the availability of this would propel the adoption of these new technologies in the commercial domain.




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