PRISTINE: Programmability In RINA for European Supremacy of Virtualised Networks

Project Overview

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PRISTINE intends to design and implement the innovative internals of the RINA clean-slate architecture.

RINA is an emerging clean-slate programmable networking approach, centring on Inter-Process Communication (IPC) paradigm, which will support high scalability, multi-homing, built-in security, seamless access to real-time information and operation in dynamic environments. The heart of this networking structure is naturally formed and organised by blocks of containers called “Distributed Information Facilities – DIFs” where each block has programmable functions to be attributed to as they required. A DIF is seen as an organizing structure, grouping together application processes that provide IPC services and are configured under the same policies.

PRISTINE will use RINA to develop practical, demonstrable, and commercially exploitable solutions to address existing networking limitations.

Virtualization is a fundamental inherent attribute of the RINA architecture and based on this aspect, the PRISTINE project shall:

Design and implement programmable functions for:

  • supporting QoS and congestion control in aggregated levels.
  • facilitating more efficient topological routing.
  • security of content and application processes.
  • providing protection and resilience and
  • unified multi-layer RINA stack management framework for handling network layer configuration, performance and security.

Demonstrate the applicability and benefits of this approach and its built-in functions in three use-cases in the environments of Distributed cloud, Datacenter networking and Network service provider.

The TSSG are overall co-ordinators of the project and also contribute to this project in the technical work of multi-layer stack management. The TSSG will also provide a testbed to investigate the scalability of RINA.




For more information on the PRISTINE project contact the project co-ordinator: Miguel Ponce de Leon on

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EU Project Co-ordination: contact K. Doolin, Chief Operations Office and Director of EU Programmes at TSSG on or +353 (0)51 302 935