SECO - Smart Energy Cluster Optimistion

Project Overview

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SECO will research and develop an ICT based interface platform that will facilitate the balancing of loads and distributed generation in a micro grid setting and clustering these hubs towards energy neutralisation. The problem we are addressing is to optimise and maximise the application of variable energy sources, including renewables, to high energy applications where demand can be selectively managed and balanced in a micro grid setting. Essentially, it will model these micro grids taking in the multitude of variables that affect it and will use bespoke algorithms to optimise itself and maximise returns.

SECO will model flexible loads within a site and using predictive algorithms optimize these against fluctuations in the wholesale price of electricity for the coming periods. Where distributed generation also exists, it will maximise its on-site use to increase economic returns.

Project Implementation

SECO will be implemented at energy load centres who have a degree of flexibility to its consumption. This can be thermal loads such as cold storage, food processing or data centres or sites which can build up an element of work in progress. SECO will also facilitate trading amongst these clusters which will enable these microgrids to roll up into the larger smart grid.

Key Objectives

Research and develop a robust platform ready for market

Secure live trial sites to test the technology in the market

Verify the economic returns to ensure a commercial route to market

Project Achievements

Load, Market and Generation modules complete to specification

Algorithms developed

Policy management in place

Trial partners in negotiation




Sean Lyons +353 51 302761

Project Manager
3MT Research Unit, TSSG

slyons at tssg dot org