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SEISS was created by the South-East Regional Authority in July 2000 in answer to the evident disadvantage suffered by the region in terms of technology usage, and to ensure that the region was well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the information and communications technology sectors.

The SEISS ICT Strategy and Action Plan for the region is based on the experience, knowledge, views and opinions of all the key regional players and is consistent with the aims of regional and national development policies.

“The South-East will become a more dynamic, innovative knowledge-based society where the opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) are embraced enthusiastically, helping to make the region an ideal place to live, learn and prosper.”

Project Achievements

  • A much greater awareness of the use of ICT and the information society, resulting in a major change of mind-set at all levels in which the technologies are seen as providing a more effective alternative to traditional ways of working and learning.
  • The use of ICT as a key delivery mechanism in education, training & lifelong learning.
  • The delivery of easier, more affordable access to the relevant technologies.

Business, Employment and improved lifestyles :

  • The promotion of the region as a forward-looking and eWork enabled place in which to live, work and locate businesses.
  • The widespread exploitation of ICT for enhanced business competitiveness.
  • The development of a strong indigenous ICT/multimedia supply sector.
  • Facilitation of an increased demand for the technologies and applications by businesses, organizations, communities & individual citizens.

Culture and Community :

  • The development of digital content to meet users needs and, in particular, to emphasize regional heritage and culture.
  • The elimination of the “digital divide”, particularly by using ICT to reduce the negative effects of isolation for disadvantaged groups and those located in rural areas.

Public and Private Partnerships :

  • The development of ICT applications and services, in both the private and public sectors, relevant to the needs of organizations and individuals in the region.
  • A more effective use of information and communications technologies to modernize and improve the delivery of public services.artner ListThe SEISS initiative is made of a group of significant protagonists from the region who participate in a voluntary capacity in the various managerial groups. These include representatives from the following organisation:SERAWaterford WedgwoodEnterprise Ireland


    Institute of Technology Carlow

    Dept. of Social, Comm. & Family Affairs

    Revenue Commissioners



    Kilkenny County Council




    Dept. of Public Enterprise

    Info. Society Commission S.E.


    General Publicity

    Non-refereed academic paper:

    Grene, M, O’Foughlú, M, O’Connor, R, (2005) “Information and Communications Technologies in the South East”, In WIT Erga Journal, Autumn 2005

    SENSITIC Report 2005

    Research Matters, January 2005.

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