Project Overview

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The project created a cutting edge, communications software framework to enable the creation and management of smart spaces encapsulating tourism attractions such as historical buildings, parks and cultural venues. When a visitor of these sites approaches a smart space using their smart phone (running the SSGS application) the platform delivers spontaneous services (video, audio, promotional material) to the visitor.

The array of sensors and accelerators on smartphones make them ideal platforms in the tourism environment. The SSGS framework, will allow ZolkC to rapidly compose a cutting edge context aware tour of a site and deploy it online for use at that attraction.

Start Date: 1st Feb 2010

End Date:  1st Feb 2012

Key Objectives

The objectives of the project were:

•        To undertake collaborative research into how the Zolk C product suite may be extended and enhanced to provide a more advanced product and to support end user handset deployment.

•        To develop a new product framework to deliver spontaneous services in a smart space.

•        To develop novel, leading edge technology to enable micro and macro push level services to enhance tourism offerings.

•        To develop a spontaneous smart service that pushes services based on the users interest groupings and decision history.

•        To implement improvements in the technology that will enable the Tourism and Leisure sector to offer the next generation of smart handheld tour guides directly via the consumer’s own handset.

Project Achievements


  • Researched the current mobile/smart phone market and selected the most suitable devices for the project requirements.
  • Platform specification and design completed.
  • Content storage and serving infrastructure developed.
  • Pervasive tour logic algorithms and engine designed and developed.
  • Language for the specification of tour logic defined.
  • Platform for specifying GPS hotspots defined.
  • Platform for the modular assembly of eTourism applications designed and implemented.
  • Trial application implemented and successfully validated based on the Inverness City Tour.
  • Software license issued to ZolkC for the product produced.


Enterprise Ireland.


Name: Eric Robson

Phone: 051 302960