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Think-Trust (FP7-216890)was a Coordination Action, project funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme, within the DG INFSO Unit F5 “Trust and Security”. It is investigating Trust, Security, Dependability, Privacy and Identity from ICT and Societal Perspectives.

As the Information Society continues to develop and to grow, there is a very strong need to develop “smart” (i.e. intelligent and user-friendly), ICT security environments that take full account of the values of liberty, democracy and privacy in our societies, while providing the necessary Trust, Security and Dependability. Think-Trust is mapping out and modelling these new ICT environments with the goals of: defining new areas of work in ICT Security Research; furthering the EU’s strategic thinking and positioning in the field; and, influencing the subsequent ICT technology developments in the coming years. Think-Trust  set up an ICT Security Research Advisory Board (RISEPTIS) that brought together the opinions and requirements of a comprehensive range of stakeholders with regard to trust, security and dependability issues in emerging ICT environments.

Project Achievements

The overall goal of RISEPTIS (Research and Innovation for SEcurity, Privacy and Trustworthiness in the Information Society), was to provide visionary guidance on policy and research challenges in the field of security and trust in the Information Society. Specifically, this goal was achieved by formulating recommendations on:

Policy Environment – The development of coherent legal and administrative frameworks, operational environments, and human behaviour relating to security, privacy and confidence, in view of the technological changes leading to and arising from the future Information Society;

Research Agenda – Future European research and development that can facilitate the creation of an Information Society that will be secure, whilst respecting freedom and privacy of its citizens, with due attention given to the ICT infrastructures, networks, services and applications.

Think-Trust will publish two Interim and one Final Recommendations Reports during its lifecycle. The Interim Reports will be released at M15 (April 2009) and M21 (October 2009), with the Final Report coming in M30 (June 2010). Each will include annexes on the project’s Working Groups. The Final Public Report will also be released in June 2010; and will be completed by the RISEPTIS Editorial Board.

RISEPTIS was supported by two targeted Working Groups (WG1 and WG2) from the stakeholder community that address focussed issues and questions. The WGs centre on two specific areas:

1. WG1: Security and Dependability in the Future Internet
This WG  discussed conceptual and implementation aspects across the spectrum of multi-layered network and services infrastructures including technological evolution and scalability and layering required for polymorphic networks, physical, virtual, service, and others.

2. WG2: Privacy and Trust in the Information Society
WG2 discussed issues that are relating to the so-called user-centricity paradigm, where the users are given adequate tools to safeguard their privacy and protect their personal data and assets. This comprises: conceptual, implementation and tradeoffs within Human/machine/device ID (+ multiple personas) management; Data collection, data storage, data access and data protection rights for businesses and consumers; Usage facets.


White papers and Reports

“The Future of the Internet – A Compendium of European Projects on ICT Research”, FIA Bled, April, 2008

“NESSI TSD WG Position Paper on Security Challenges in Future Internet”

“Putting the Future Internet Centre Stage”, FIA Madrid, December, 2008

“Identity Management in the Future Digital Society”, ICT for Government and Public Services Workshop, October, 2008

“Digital Security in the Future”, Chapter 12 of ‘Shaping the Future’, (ETSI Wiley book)

General Publicity
“Future ICT security research priorities now being shaped by EU funded project’s advisory board”, published in SECURITY EUROPE: The monthly inside view from Brussels on European civil security policy, technology & business, December 2008.

“Future Internet: A Matter of Trust”, eMobility News, November 2008

Think-Trust was presented at the following external events:

• Cluster Meeting of European Commission DG INFSO Unit F5, February, 2008, Brussels
• Speed Brokerage Event, March, 2008, Dublin
• Future Internet Assembly, April, 2008, Bled
• ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group, April, 2008, Athens
• ESRIF WG11 Meeting, May, 2008, Brussels
• ESRIF WG2 Meeting, June, 2008, Brussels
• PRIME (FP6 project) Closing Event, ADAPID and FIDIS Workshops, July, 2008, Leuven (Belgium)
• EuroTRUSTAmI, September, 2008, Sophia Antipolis (France)
• Internet of Services Collaboration for FP6 and FP7, September, 2008, Brussels
• ICT2008, November 2008, Lyon
• Future Internet Assembly, December, 2008, Madrid




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