Project Overview

The VIDAS project  focused  on developing a solution to the problem of real-time delivery of legal content via peer-to-peer mechanisms. Previous activity in this domain was unable to address all aspects of this problem, creating market opportunity for a solution which addresses all parts of the problem in an appropriate fashion.

Despite the availability of peer-to-peer technologies on the Internet for some time now, the systems have, heretofore, been designed to solve problems associated with large scale distribution of illegal content. This means that the system design necessarily differs from that required by network operators. There was a need for new thinking to produce a network operator oriented solution.

Towards this project the TSSG’s role has be in the development the security capabilities of the system. In the main, this involved developing the solutions for secure key and content distribution.


VidAs was funded by the Enterprise Ireland commericalisation fund / technology development programme,  The project started in September of 2007 and  ended in August 2009.


Enterprise Ireland.


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