Research Showcases

Please find below show cases which demonstrates TSSG’s engagement with the European Unions Funding Streams such as H2020:-

Project Title: CIRCLE

Funding: Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme – €532,336

CIRCLE’s main objective is to integrate islands of heterogeneous research activities in a common research framework, facilitating the creation of an EU-wide Molecular Communications (CIRCLE) network and provide a support infrastructure for coordination of research across Europe.

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Project Title: CitySense

Profile of Project: The Study is supported by PCH, Tyndall National Institute, TSSG, National college of Art and design and Vodafone Ireland.

CitySense project measures the Real-time feedback of Noise, Temperature and Pollution. The project uses sensor technology to measure the atmospheric conditions and how the impact on people. Researchers will able map information critical to the everyday functioning of the city and its inhabitants such as environmental pollution, traffic congestion, and urban planning and policy development.

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Project Title: CogNet

Funding: EU Horizon 2020 5GPPP Program, ~ 6 million euro

CogNet aims to research and develop a real-time network management platform with the capability to scale to address the requirements of the future 5G network

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