3MT -  Mobile, Messaging & Middleware Technologies

Dr. Steven Davy
Research Unit Manager
Email: sdavy@tssg.org
The 3MT Research Unit focuses on the following research topics:

  • Full lifecycle of integrated services: Development, discovery, deployment, activation, monitoring, and execution.
  • Inter-discipline service management research: Fuse emerging practices of the modern web with the traditional understanding of services management as embodied in the telecommunications domain.
  • Cognitive mechanisms: Combine management techniques to include cognitive mechanisms.
  • Federation: Flexible mechanisms and tools to provide trusted federations.
  • Virtual infrastructure & Cloud Computing: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

3MT Active Projects

  • mCommunities
  • mTransitions
  • OpenLab
  • Evercam.io IV
  • AltoCloud IP
  • SaferCycling Dungarvan
  • Lantern

Research Unit Manager: Steven Davy

3MT Members:
Alan Walsh
Joe Tynan
Mark Williamson
Micheal Crotty
John McLaughlin
Sean Maher
Bilal Momani
Frances Cleary
Michael Kugel
Ian Mills
Agnieszka Gancarczyk
Xingyun He
Jonathan Brazil
Chen Chen
David Kirwan
Sean Lyons
David Moran
Alan Ryan
Micheal Wall
Bríd Walsh
Miguel Ponce De Leon
Nakul Wali
Jason Whelan

Intern 2014:

Ricky Drohan
Philip Gough
Jason Ryan