AR and VR requires us to rethink and research how users will interact successfully and intuitively in a three-dimensional environment.  Unlike traditional two dimensional applications, AR and VR requires us to take into consideration several complex factors which interact and affect the users experience of how they navigate through an augmented or virtual world.  Our 3D UI/UX research is currently investigating UI design models and the rendering methods of menu/HUD placement and interaction with these in a three-dimensional and stereoscopic context.  This includes the use of gesture recognition systems for navigation and interaction via computer vision or peripheral input devices, the use and influence of head tracking and user positioning in a 3D world, the users and camera position in relation to the UI and virtual world, the influence of acceleration and velocity within this environment and the subsequent impact on the user’s comfort levels and the representation of the users virtual self.  Research in this area is critical to the success of the technology so that regardless of application or technology the user has a positive and comfortable experience.

Industry Engagement:

We are currently working on a VR project with Pink Kong Studios which are an award-winning animation studio based in Dublin.  Pink Kong are noted for their story driven content for worldwide audiences in the areas of TV, games, film and advertising.

For more information on Pink Kong Studios, please visit http://www.pinkkongstudios.ie/