AR and VR Communications

Future telepresence systems will not only require seamless communication in single or multi-user scenarios but also allow users to interact and collaborate in augmented or virtual environments.  Research in Augmented Reality Communications builds on existing knowledge researched by TSSG and leverages this with augmented reality technologies to deliver a next generation enterprise and personal communication system at a much lower cost and barrier to entry to traditional systems.  The AR Communications research investigates pre-scanning and real-time user capturing systems via depth sensing camera hardware, 3D mesh modification representation and enhancement, 3D mesh transmission and the use of adaptive level of detailing systems to manage and maintain quality of service between variable connections and disparate end user hardware systems, the use of Content Distribution Networks and Software Defined Networks for data security and traffic management, the management and presentation of 3D holographic data in variable real world environments, User Interface (UI) and the integration and interpretation of computer vision gesture recognition systems and/or peripheral input devices for enhanced User Experience and cross platform management systems.

Industry Engagement:

In addition to our own internal research into augmented reality communications we are also currently working with Immersive VR Education on their ground-breaking VR education platform, Engage.  Already well known for their award-winning Apollo 11 VR experience and recent successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for Titanic VR, Immersive are also developing the Engage platform to deliver a worldwide classroom experience delivered via VR.  TSSG are currently working on developing a system which will allow a large number of active users to connect and function within the Engage VR environment and efficiently deliver content bundles over peer to peer networks.  This system will also incorporate WebRTC functionality to deliver desktop content e.g. video streaming within the Engage VR environment.

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