Creative Design Unit

Team Summary:

The Creative Design Unit at TSSG in Waterford Institute of Technology, work across a wide range of research and development economic sectors. From planning stages to full interactive product development for digital technologies, the team’s expertise combines artistic ability with technical proficiency to design and create new research and technologies. In addition, the group as part of their on-going research explore new development in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies.

Team Background.

The team offers a wealth of user experience, data visualization and information design and development expertise.

-      The team members are senior level design/developers, UX/UI experts and have many years experience in commercial and research fields at national, european and international levels.

- Experience Virtual Reality/ VE systems development, Interaction technologies and 3D/Mobile Development

- Unity Development

- Game Development

-     Over fifteen years experience in commercial design/development/usability testing. In excess of seven years experience of dissemination and design experience for EU and EI projects.

Research and development expertise:

- Data visualization, digital prototyping, Information architecture and hierarchy planning, interface design, interface development, service and spatial design.

- New Virtual Reality/ VE systems/ AR development

- User experience research, HCI and usability consultancy, usability testing using a variety of user experience methodologies e.g. measuring performance and issue metrics.

- Information graphics planning, design and development. Wide range of web and mobile app development skills. Authoring for a range of multimedia platforms, content management systems and devices. Convert mock-up and user requirement designs into app and web interfaces.

- Professional, strategic communication strategy design and development of communication strategy. Can offer experienced project planning and development through complete project lifecycle.

- Dissemination planning, design and development. Print and graphic design of items such as flyers, brochures, posters and digital alternatives e.g. interactive magazines or presentations. Experienced brand creation and complimentary scheme creation and application.

- Application experience and competency in all major graphic and interface design tools.

- Low and high fidelity prototyping, storyboarding, etc. Develop design documents, info-graphics and visualization of future potential scenarios.

- Usability research and analysis skills

- Design user interfaces with consideration of colour, screen-flow, user-efficiency, consistency of the experience.

- Multimedia, video, animation, interactive media, illustration services.

- Methodologies included but not limited to: Waterfall. Agile, Lean UX, and Design Thinking methods.

- Event and conference visualization, co-ordination and collateral creation (have many years experience in Future Internet, IPv6, International Law, and other Irish/European ICT Conferences/Events).

- Project and task leadership in variety of research and commercial sectors. Experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams and across varying economic sectors.  Visualisation design development for Data Mining, Security, Telecommunications, Tourism, Local Innovation and EU Research projects .

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CDU (Creative Design Unit) Members

Niamh O’Mahony (Senior UX Designer/Developer)
Cheryl Baldwin (UX Designer/Developer)