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TSSG’s specialised Security & Trust Research Unit investigates technologies related to IT security in the areas of distributed trust and reputation management, privacy and data protection controls and social media security threat mitigation.

The work undertaken by this unit ranges from fundamental basic IT security research, through the application of this research in applied research projects and in the commercialisation of these research results directly impacting on the industry.

TSSG Security unit is also involved in the co-ordination of international research policy development. Current running projects include Aniketos, SecCord and BIC. The team conducts this research in collaboration with many of the European and global leaders in this field. Through SecCord, STR also manages the yearly Cyber Security & Privacy EU Form conference and runs the CSP Forum website.

Research topics for the Security Research Unit include:

  • Distributed trust and reputation management:Trust principals for use in single service, a number of independent services, and more complex service configurations.
  • Access control for secure services: Scalable framework for secure service composition.
  • Identity, Privacy and Data Protection technologies: Identity management/provisioning that is privacy preserving and compliant with data protection legislation for the Future Internet across networks, services and applications.
  • Service policy continuity: Enabling the enforcement of security.
  • Coordination of national/international research and policy aspects of trust and security: being at the forefront in driving important coordination activities.
  • Protection of critical infrastructures: Securing critical infrastructures including financial infrastructures and looking at other infrastructures (energy, transportation etc.)

Security Projects


 Paul Malone
Research Unit Manager