mo-bizz mobile cloud ecosystem in review

EU is committed to foster and nurture the European cloud ecosystem of software vendors and developers, providing the market with fine-tuned products. mo-bizz is European in its roots and emphasis, but global in its reach.

mo-bizz targets the web-based and mobile applications space, where there still are not many offers. Its focus on web services and applications independent of any OS (e.g., being browser-based), fosters library enrichment with APIs and other web services promoting continuous improvement and fine-tuning. Thus, it offers an attractive value proposition for both developers and customers.

mo-bizz is built around the vision of letting developers focus on application building while facilitating every other process, including marketing and payments.

mo-bizz is an EU project funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). Bringing together nine experienced partners from Industry, SMEs and Academic institutes. Spread across six countries, mo-bizz launched in January 2013 and finished in December 2015. mo-bizz will develop a platform that will offer advanced mobile services and business applications, fostering the use of existing network infrastructures.

As we reach the end of this initial collaboration, the MO-BIZZ magazine has been launched with further details and information regarding the fantastic platform.

For further information explore the mo-bizz magazine.

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