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Lantern the shining light at NDRC’s research commercialisation gig

By 21st June 2017 No Comments
Image: Tanachot Srijam/Shutterstock

Image: Tanachot Srijam/Shutterstock

Getting research out of the lab and into the real world is a difficult task, though NDRC’s recent programme could help Lantern do just that.

Ireland’s knowledge transfer system isn’t perfect but, armed with significant state funding, it’s getting there.

What can help, though, is when initiatives such as NDRC’s Pre-Commercialisation Programme for researchers put scientists through their paces.

This week saw Lantern take top prize, thanks to technology that can model the “effective bandwidth” of IT services.

Run as a collaborative partnership with the Irish Photonic Integration Centre, Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) and Connect, the programme had a simple premise: it aimed to help researchers actively prepare for commercialisation funding, which will support them on the path to pre-seed investment.

Lantern – a latency analysis system for financial services – is a new network management technology being developed by TSSG.

Lantern’s project is an “application-aware monitoring tool that will deliver detailed information on the latency-focused capacity of the network to meet SLAs”.

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Published by Silicon Republic and written by Gordon Hunt