5G : Automotive_Transport Vertical

Key researchers in TSSG :

Dr Rashid Mijumbi , Dr Steven Davy , Micheal Crotty Frances Cleary

“TSSG are currently undertaking research in this innovative research domain with respect to the challenges and issues relating to connected vehicle communications , 5G transport requirements, innovative modular network design suitable for ITS requirements ( VNF, SDN, Open source frameworks, third party applications and frameworks), performance, distributed QoS and state”


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  • Rashid Mijumbi, Niels Bouten, Network Functions Virtualisation: Conception, Present and Future, Tutorial at IEEE/IFIP Network and Operations Management Symposium (NOMS), Istanbul, Turkey, April, 2016. Slides for the tutorial can be download from here .
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5G: Automotive Use Case 

Automotive is one of the key verticals of the 5G focus currently. 5G is expected to enhance the various aspects of the automotive sector such as safety, convenience, available new and innovative third party services, environmental impact etc  having a revolutionary impact on the every day citizen vehicle driver. Research focusing on ‘Flexible network applications’ leveraging (VNF) Virtualised Network Functions, (SDN) software Defined Network, cloud like 5G infrastructure, open source development frameworks   to support control applications and application development  is at the forefront currently.

5G Challenges relating directly to the automotive domain include

  • QoS ( CPU resources etc)
  • Orchestration ( ineventory/event/log mgmt/configuration mgmt/monitoring)
  • Low latency / low jitter ( voice / gaming/M2M/small packets)
  • throughput
  • high packet per second
  • Network QoS
  • Geo – dependency of workloads to connections