Denise Manton, MSTG Gateway Manager

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Denise Manton
MSTG Gateway Manager
Ph: +353 (0)51 306142

Personal Summary

Denise Manton is the Research Unit Manager for the Mobile Services Unit of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG, at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT, Denise graduated with a BSc. Computer Applications from Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in 2001 and also holds a first class honours in an MSc. in Technology Management from UCC which she completed in 2010.

Denise has a proven track record in design, development, support, training and strategic selling of Manufacturing, Quality, Validation, IT and Automation services and solutions. Denise has extensive technical experience including System Design & Engineering, System Infrastructure, System Security design, and Information Management from Distributed Control Systems (DCS) level to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) coupled with the necessary project management and operational expertise to successfully deliver large scale projects. Denise has worked with numerous client companies specialising in defining the business case, crafting and implementing a solution, and delivering results.

Denise has worked on high-profile projects for multi-national companies such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Merck Sharp and Dohme and Schering Plough. She brings over 10 years direct industry experience on an international scale to her current role which focusses on leading the TSSG research unit that specialises in end-to-end development of complex multi-tiered mobile solutions. This unit helps companies and organizations define, accelerate and deliver leading edge mobile solutions that deliver commercial value. The two main focus areas are core application development (user interface design, programming) and development of complex underpinning  platforms for mobile services.

Denise currently oversees the ACTIVE and FRAGD projects in the Mobile Services group. ACTIVE is a novel web-based technology platform that allows users to track their files and facilitate smart storage across multiple devices. FRAGD is a robust cross-platform technology that socialises gameplay and keeps gamers connected across all of their social & gaming networks while gaming or watching TV.

Denise has applied her commercial experience forging strategic partnerships with key technology vendors and business partners to effectively work with TSSG client companies and partners. Denise works closely with her team and other research units in TSSG to deliver leading edge research and solutions.