Dr. Chamil Kulatunga, Postdoctoral Researcher

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Dr. Chamil Kulatunga
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph: +353 (0)51
Email: ckulatunga@tssg.org

Personal Summary

Chamil Kulatunga received his MSc in 2003 from Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) by working at the HEA-funded Converge project at Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG). Then he received his PhD in 2009 and worked as a research follow from 2013 to 2015 under the EU-funded RITE project at Electronics Research Group of the University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom). After completion of his PhD, he rejoined TSSG as a postdoctoral researcher (2009-2011) under the HEA-funded FutureComm project.

During his research career, Chamil Kulatunga has conducted Internet transport related research in the areas of quality of service, congestion control, peer-to-peer networks and active queue management. He was an active member of the EI-funded CEnergy (Community-based Collective Energy Management) scoping proposal writing in 2011. In addition he taught computer networking in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT, Sri Lanka) in 2012.

Based on the research track record in Internet performance and traffic localization, he is now extending his research into distributed big data analytics at the Internet edge.

Current Activities / Research Interests

Currently Chamil is conducting his research in the area of cloud-integrated IoT analytics under the SFI-funded PrecisionDairy project. Opportunistic networking and computing strategies are being developed to disseminate big data from rural farms into the cloud in an energy-efficient way. He particularly investigates on invasive analytic models in a proximate fog computing environment to support multi-variate micro and nano sensor data analytics. He has general interests in data mining applications and citizen science efforts in smart agriculture.

He is actively involved in EU H2020 and national funding proposal writing under the area of IoT in agriculture and contributes in conducting the monthly research forum of the group.



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Professional Links

Reviewer: IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2016), IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR 2015)

Member of the Research Day organizing committee of WIT in 2011/2012, Member of the research committee of SLIIT in 2012, Member of the local organizing committee of the IEEE ICCSE 2013 conference (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Chamil co-supervised a master student at WIT in 2010/2011 who researched towards finding a correlation between people’s level of activities (using an accelerometer data) and wellbeing (using an ECG data).


* PhD in Internet Engineering, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 2009 (Thesis: Enforcing Layered Multicast Congestion Control using ECN-Nonce)

* MSc in Telecommunications, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2003 (Thesis: Ensuring End-to-End QoS in IP Networks: Design and Implementation of a DiffServ Bandwidth Broker)

* BSc in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 1999