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Eamonn de Leastar
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Email: edeleastar@tssg.org

Personal Summary

Eamonn de Leastar is a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the Telecommunications Software Systems Group (TSSG).

After graduation in 1982, he taught computer science at Dundalk Institute of Technology, where he was responsible for a range of new curricula within this sector. He then moved into industry, gaining significant experience in senior programmer, analyst, quality assurance and project leadership roles. This included periods at Wordstar International, developing some of the first work processors on the then newly established PC standard and at Contel Business Systems porting the Unix operating system to a new range of hardware. In the early 90s, while compiler group team leader at Glockenspiel Ltd, he oversaw the implementation of the first commercial C++ compilers on a range of platforms.

Since 1992 he has worked at Waterford Institute of Technology as a Lecturer in Computer Science, establishing the TSSG with colleagues in 1997. Prior to the establishment of the group his research interests were dominated by real time process control applications, where he developed and led the implementation of a range of control applications with Honeywell Measurex (calibration and head control systems) and Waterford Crystal (tank furnace monitoring). During this period he completed an MSc by research in process control- developing an innovative approach to controlling PLC devices via C++ application framework technology.

Current Activities / Research Interests


As a veteran of WIT, he has had some involvement in almost all of the Computing Department’s courses. Most recently he has been a core member of the curriculum development board of four key programmes at WIT: BSc in Applied Computing, BSc in Physics with Computing (now the BSc in Physic with Modern Technology), MSc in Communications Software and the MSc in Enterprise Software Systems. Currently he is director of the Higher Diploma in Computing programme at WIT, and innovative 18-month graduate programme, whose mission is to convert graduates from a wide range of disciplines to ICT professionals. This programme is directly founded by the HEA in Ireland.


Since the establishment of the TSSG, Mr. de Leastar has been a member of the management team, and led a range of research projects including SUSIE, Bandwdth2000, Converge, MDS, RBS, Nomad, Percolate, Logmon and Impruve (details on www.tssg.org/projects). He has co-authored these proposals, as well a selection of other successful project proposals, including HEA M-Zones, and the first successful SFI proposals within TSSG.


Mr. de Leastar retains a keen interest in teaching and his current duties involve lecturing at all levels of the spectrum: including first year, graduate diploma and MSc level, coupled with a range dissertation and project supervision duties. This combination offers unique opportunities and challenges. Postgraduate teaching requires a level of technical depth and flexible delivery modes not often visible at undergraduate level. Motivating and encouraging students at undergraduate level continues to be a major interest. Additionally, bringing the TSSG’s wide experience and knowledge to bear on the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum is a particular focus of his work.


He is a key member of the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning at WIT (elearning.wit.ie), which has been pioneering the use of modern virtual learning environments. This has involved designing and realising a variety of course creation and maintenance tools (eg: github.com/edeleastar/moodle-book, publishing a range of courses and modules, as well as evangelizing elearning platforms and usage patterns at WIT.

He is winner of the WIT annual Teaching Excellence award for 2007. His students have been recipients of Best 4th Year Project Award (2007) and MSc Project with Highest Commercial Potential (2008)


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Eamonn de Leastar received a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in 1982, and an MSc in Computer Science in 1994, both from University College Cork.