Edel Jennings, Citizen Science and User Experience Researcher

Edel Jennings
Citizen Science and User Experience Researcher
Ph: +353 (0)51 302951
Email: ejennings@tssg.org

Personal Summary

Edel is currently coordinating a citizen science pilot study in cultural heritage, involving Transition Year Students, and Older people in the development of an intergenerational digital toolkit for recording placenames. This work is funded and guided by the EU FP7 Civic Epistemologies project, which will develop and validate a roadmap for the use of e-Infrastructures to support the participation of European citizens in research on cultural heritage and digital humanities. Critically, the Roadmap will offer support for improved social cohesion arising from the sharing of knowledge and understanding of Europe’s citizens common and individual cultures.

Recently, Edel sucessfully led user research and user evaluation tasks, for the EU FP7 SOCIETIES project. This project developed a platform which merged ubiquitous technologies with social networking services to enable the discovery, connection and organisation of relevant communities, people, resources and things across real and virtual worlds. The user research and evaluation components of the project, involved engaging with people from three spheres– University, Enterprise  and Disaster Management. Edel designed mixed methods User Centred Design and Participatory Design approaches, and applied them across initial research activities and three trials for each of the three groups, working closely with project partners. This work utilised participatory workshops, surveys and ethnographic methods, to gather user requirements to better understand how the project’s novel technologies could be designed to support their needs. It involved designing storyboards, wizard of oz experiments, role-play scripts, and games, to support envisioning future technologies in-situ. These approaches enabled people, as expert users of their own field, experience the project’s emergent technologies through project trials; thereby ensuring the human perspective is given consideration in the development of new technologies. Focus groups, collaborative group walkthroughs, field trials, surveys and user trials, were facilitated, with  expert users providing people with opportunities at several points along the development journey for critical reflection and feedback to the social and psychological implications of novel emergent technologies.

Findings and results from this research and analysis were  also presented and disseminated via  project deliverables,  publications and presentations. There is more information about her work for the SOCIETIES project in the following blogposts:

Edel’s previous roles in the TSSG have  included founding and managing the Design and Usability (DU) Group, and designing web and mobile application interfaces as a User Interface Engineer.  In addition to user research and evaluation knowledge,  her skillset includes a high level of proficiency in information design, interaction design and graphic design, across a wide range of creative visual, web and multimedia projects.

Prior to joining the TSSG, Edel worked as a senior web and multimedia designer for Post Consult International (PCI), and Octagon Technologies. She has worked with the Irish Times Web Editorial Team, the European Journalism Centre, NCB Stockbrokers, and Amnesty International.


Current Activities / Research Interests

Edel is interested in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Citizen Science. She is focued on researching how information and communication technologies can support access to information and affect the quality of experiences, in people’s lives; and how e-infrastructures can support citizens in playing an active role in recording and supporting research activities.

Edel is also interested in Sustainable HCI, Rewilding, Digital Humanities, Social Media Movements, Cognitive Surplus, Wisdom of the Crowd, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Technology Mediated Social Participation (TMSP), Interaction design in ambient intelligent environments, and user experience evaluation approaches for the Internet of Things. She is also passionate about environmental protection, climate change and energy conservation issues.



Journal Articles


Bental, D. S., Papadopoulou, E., Taylor, N. K., Williams, M. H., Blackmun, F. R., Ibrahim, I. S., … & Jennings, E. (2015). Smartening Up the Student Learning Experience with Ubiquitous Media. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM), 12(1s), 23. ( DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2808203 )

Edel Jennings, Mark Roddy, Alexander J. Leckey, and Guy Feigenblat. Use of Scripted Role-Play in Evaluation of Multiple-User Multiple-Service Mobile Social and Pervasive Systems. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction 7(4):35-52, October-December 2015. (doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.4018/IJMHCI.2015100103)


Dingqi Yang, Daqing Zhang, Korbinian Frank, Patrick Robertson, Edel Jennings, Mark Roddy, and Michael Lichtenstern. Providing real-time assistance in disaster relief by leveraging crowdsourcing power. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing , 2014. (doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00779-014-0758-3)


I. Roussaki, N. Kalatzis, N. Liampotis, P. Kosmides, M. Anagnostou, Kevin Doolin, Edel Jennings, Y. Bouloudis, and S.; Xynogalas. Context-awareness in wireless and mobile computing revisited to embrace social networking. IEEE Communications Magazine 50:74-81, 2012.

Book Chapters

Kevin Doolin, Nick Taylor, Michael Crotty, Mark Roddy, Edel Jennings, Ioanna Roussaki, and David McKitterick. Mobile Social Networking, pages 139-163. Springer, 2014. (doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-8579-7_7)

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Conference Papers
Milena Dobreva, Edel Jennings, and Anna Devreni-Koutsouki. Citizen Science and Digital Cultural Heritage: Potential for Wider Engagement with the General Public. In Proc. Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges – Workshop at Communities and Technologies 2015 , June 2015.

Edel Jennings, Mark Roddy, Alexander J. Leckey, and Guy Feigenblat. Evaluation of Early Prototypes for Social Mobile and Pervasive Computing with Scripted Role-Play. In Proc. 8th Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI 2014), in press , 2014.

Ioanna Roussaki, Nikos Kalatzis, Nicolas Liampotis, Edel Jennings, Pavlos Kosmides, Mark Roddy, Luca Lamorte, and Miltiades Anagnostou. Enhancing Social Media with Pervasive Features, pages 265-276. In Proc. 6th International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media (SCSM 2014) . Springer, 2014. (doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-07632-4_25)


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Mark Roddy, Edel Jennings, TSSG, WIT, Ireland.  Patrick Robertson, DLR,  Germany. Dingqi Yang, ITSUD, France. Positioning the Cloud for Disaster Relief Scenarios. In SUCRE, page 14-16, issue 2, 2013.

Panel Participant:


  • EU FP7 : Civic Epistemologies: Development of a Roadmap for CitizenResearchers in the age of Digital Culture Project; FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2013-2, CE_D4.1_Ethnograhic Pilot Report_v1.0.docx.
  • EU FP7 ICT Project, No. 257493, SOCIETIES: Self Orchestrating CommunIty ambiEnT IntelligEnce Spaces (IP), WP2 deliverable: D2.1 Specification of initial scenarios and user requirements, http://www.ict-societies.eu/files/2011/11/SOCIETIES_D21.pdf.
  • EU FP7 ICT Project, No. 257493, SOCIETIES: Self Orchestrating CommunIty ambiEnT IntelligEnce Spaces (IP), WP8 deliverable: D8.1 Paper trial evaluation report, http://www.ict-societies.eu/files/2011/11/D8.1_public.pdf.
  • EU FP7 ICT Project, No. 257493, SOCIETIES: Self Orchestrating CommunIty ambiEnT IntelligEnce Spaces (IP),WP8 deliverable: D8.4 Specification of usability testing for first prototype


M.Sc in Multimedia Systems, Computer Science Department, Trinity College Dublin.
B.A in Communication Studies, Dublin City University (first class honours).

Permaculture Design Certificate from UK Permaculture Association.
Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction for a Coursera course on Climate Change – Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided.