Genaro Longoria, Ph.D. Student

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Genaro Longoria
Ph.D. Student

Personal Summary

Analytical and unbiased physicist. I am a self-starter and highly productive with strong intellectual curiosity. Seasoned in multi-cultural work teams. I lead teams towards value-added creating opportunities and further develop the members skills in complex dynamic networks mastering team work and client-oriented abilities. I possess a keen inclination and understanding of stochastic simulation which I have successfully applied professionally achieving innovation awards. Before joining the TSSG, I was the Logistics manager in a transportation company. Among the main achievements are: 1.- 2% Reduction of the KPI kms/unit y-o-y; 2.- Development of a program to optimize bus scheduling. The optimizer is a blend of genetic and simulated annealing algorithms. It was successfully applied to a 200 daily services and 120 bus fleet monthly plan. 3.- Development of the operations and logistics Control & Command Centre. The objective of project is to create a web and mobile based application to do real-time monitoring, analysis, emergencies response and business intelligence over the drivers and fleet schedule, international and nation-wide services, maintenance and future work load.

Current Activities / Research Interests

Strategies to incorporate intermittent energy resources into electricity portfolios by means of stochastic differential game theory in an open market energy sector. I am interested in stochastic modelling, optimization problems and applications of Fourier analysis in mechanics


Longoria, Genaro. “Vortex Matter in an Inhomogeneous Material.” MS Thesis, Umea University, Umeå, Sweden, 2009.


MSc, Computational Physics, Umea University, Umeå, Sweden, 2009
BSc, Physics Engineering, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, 2005