Micheal Crotty, Applied Researcher

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Micheal Crotty
Applied Researcher
Ph: +353 (0)51 302939
Email: mcrotty@tssg.org

Personal Summary

Micheal worked on a number of EU and EI funded projects in the last 10 years.  He was the technical coordinator for the EU funded PERSIST  project with focused on developing a platform for the development and demonstration of “Smart Spaces” to assist end-users in enterprise and educational environments.  This project achieved an excellent ranking in its final review.

He served as the Research Coordinator for the EU funded SOCIETIES project. SOCIETIES addressed the gap between the  physical world (pervasive systems) and the virtual world  (including Social Networks) by enabling the discovery, connection and organisation of people, resources and things.  This project completed in 2014 with an excellent ranking.

He is currently leading the network management  work-package on the PRISTINE project, which is investigating and developing software for the commercial exploitation of RINA based networks. RINA is an innovative, clean-slate approach to computer networking that uses inter-process communications (IPC), a set of techniques for the exchange of data among multiple threads in processes running on one or more computers connected by a network.

Current Activities / Research Interests

  • Clean slate networking approaches, such as RINA and Named Data Networking.
  • Pervasive systems, and the platforms used to integrate these devices/sensors with end user facing services.
  • Network Function Virtualisation and its impact on network organisation and management


MSc. in Computing (research and thesis)

BSc. in Applied Computing (Industrial)