It is our intention to create a technology ecosystem, combining education, research and innovation through research in science, engineering and entrepreneurship, to create a world class center of excellence in technologies enabling communication and information services, which will deliver real economic value to the long term competitiveness of the South East and Ireland. Within this ecosystem we aspire over the next 20 years to be the catalyst for the creation of a cluster of high-tech companies that generate significant employment opportunities, many of which gain their competitive edge through collaborating and utilizing the scientific and engineering IP developed by TSSG’s globally recognized researchers.

We seek to strengthen and further expand our position as a global research, innovation and commercialisation leader in technologies enabling communication and information services.

We have created an environment that encourages creativity and extraordinary thinking. Through individual autonomy and  structural transparency, every staff member, student, researcher and entrepreneur in the organisation is given the opportunity to perform groundbreaking research – and is expected to deliver an extraordinary performance.

Core Values

  • Passion/Commitment: We strive for research excellence through creativity, professionalism and leadership.
  • Inspiration: We assume collective and individual responsibility (towards maintaining our valued economic and intellectual independence as an organisation).
  • Openness: We foster a pioneering spirit of enquiry and intellectual curiosity.
  • Achievement: We promote teamwork, creating an atmosphere of inclusion, support, empowerment, honesty, integrity and continuous improvement.
  • Citizenship: We maximize the impact of our work on Ireland’s economy and society.