Innovation in Construction – Technology Gateways

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Innovation in Construction – Technology Gateways

| Carlton Hotel, Dublin.

Every company, including those in the construction sector, has its day-to-day challenges; challenges which can have a dramatic effect on their performance and profitability. One proven way to face such challenges is to innovate/develop new products and explore new opportunities to deal with them at source. Understandably, exploring the different Innovation options which are available to companies can be daunting, seen as a drain on resources or simply too time consuming.

To remove these potential obstacles for companies, two Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Clusters, A-IoT (Applied Internet of Things) and EMD Ireland (Engineering Materials & Design) are teaming up to introduce some of the options available in the innovation and research area.

The theme of this free event is focused on innovation within the construction industry. In particular it will emphasise the importance of innovation in this pre-Brexit era. The Enterprise Ireland Brexit team will be in attendance to highlight concerns and advise on potential Brexit issues which may directly impact your business. Together with specialised presentations and case studies from a range of Technology Gateways currently involved in the Engineering, Materials and Design and Internet of Things (IoT) space.

TSSG will have a stand at this event, showcasing some of our VR & AR Projects relating to construction.