Spin Outs and Spin Ins

TSSG works through a number of EI programmes to get its researched technology into the market and engages in market driving initiatives. Creating new start-up companies is recognised as a key contributor to economic growth and development. TSSG has successfully spun-out a number of  high potential start-up companies as outlined below.

TSSG also actively seeks and encourages collaboration between researchers and external business partners. Realising the commercial potential of research outputs requires the specialist marketing and product development skills of entrepreneurs and industry business development experts.

FeedHenry – The Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Solution for Business

FeedHenry provides a cloud computing enterprise mobility platform, providing enterprise clients, telecom operators, ISVs and developers a development platform for fast, secure and scalable deployment of sophisticated business apps. With a single click, business apps can be deployed across all smartphones and web devices– iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPad, etc. and social networks – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.

FeedHenry’s solutions offer business logic and storage in the cloud, secure integration with existing systems, and complete app lifecycle management and analytics. Their goal is to help enterprises rapidly extend their brand into new channels, increase their revenues and enhance the customer experience without the need for costly long development cycles.

The FeedHenry platform leverages significant researched knowledge in TSSG that has been developed through a number of European Commission R&D programs that were focused on next generation service architectures, platforms and services and the technology platform that the company uses was developed through Enterprise Ireland commercialization funding.

Most recently TSSG collaborated with FeedHenry to launch their new developer portal, which enables developers to build an app once using open technologies such as HTML 5 and JavaScript, deploy the app into the FeedHenry cloud and then run the app on any mobile device.

FeedHenry was founded by Barry Downes, CEO TSSG  and is now led by Cathal McGloin , former President of Arantech and Founder and CEO of Performis Technologies.

As a result of the work of the TSSG team on the technology platform behind FeedHenry, FeedHenry has been recognised with the following awards:

Award Industry Body
CTIA Emerging Technology Award – CTIA 2010 & 2009 Las Vagas CTIA is the international association for the wireless telecommunication industry and runs the second largest telecoms conference and exhibition in the world (after Mobile World Congress – in Barcelona) annually in the USA.
Internet Telephony Magazine 2009 – Product of the Year Award for Outstanding Innovation for its Cloud-based Cross Platform Apps Solution INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has been the IP Communications Authority since 1998 and has over 225,000 readers.

FeedHenry is now set to achieve explosive growth on an international level, all of which was made possible by the work, resource and support of the TSSG and Enterprise Ireland.

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Barry Downes speak’s to RTE Radio 1 as part of their ‘Newsmaker 2014 Series’ about TSSG and FeedHenry. Listen HERE , broadcast on 30th December 2014.

*Note year is when the company first started trading

Active Companies  Year Description Type
 Waterford Technologies 2000* Email archiving and monitoring Spin In
 Aceno Mobile Services Ltd. 2003 Professional Services Company – Merged with ZolkC in 2011 Spin In
Headway Software Ltd 2007 Tools for Software development Spin out
ZolkC Ltd 2008 e-tourism solutions for heritage sites (Merged with Aceno Mobile Services Ltd. in 2011) Spin In
FeedHenry Ltd 2009 Cloud computing enterprise mobility platform (Acquired by RedHat) Spin Out
Carrier Grade Platform-as-a-Service for Real Time Telephony and Multi-media Services
We provide fully Immersive Virtual Reality Education experiences to help education students of all ages
Spin In
2015 Relevance based professional networking platform and mobile app.
Spin Out
Q4 2017
Management Platform for high density WiFi roll-outs – e.g. Stadiums.
Spin Out
Historic Companies Year Description Type
Hash6 Ltd (Catch) 2007 Interactive radio stations platform, subsequently led to BetaPond  Spin In
Nubiq Technologies Group Ltd. 2006 Mobile Website Generation with ‘Zinadoo’ Spin Out
Our Digital Universe Ltd. (MUZU) 2007 Artists on-line TV Networks. Spin In
Visibility Mobile 2008 Mobile search engine optimization. Spin In
GoMoNews Ltd 2008 Strategic mobile news (media company). Spin In

*Please note: This page has been updated based on the latest definition of what a spin-out and spin-in is.