Industry Testimonials


Altocloud Ltd

TSSG was able to bring expertise when we didn’t have any to get started quickly with the right architecture, this architect is scaling with us now as we have grown the company and will still serve us when we are a billion dollar company.

– Barry O’Sullivan, Dragons Den and CEO Altocloud

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TSSG gave us ideas around the technology that was available to us and what could be done in terms of developing an overall system.  We moved on with an innovation partnership with TSSG and that allowed us to build a prototype into a full working system.  We did a number of reiterations with TSSG in terms of teasing out exactly what the ideas behind the system were where we saw there were unique benefits and unique capabilities that we could go back out to the market with and through a number of these reiterations we ended up with the full function system.

– Kevin Mullarkey, eDrive and CFO


Wedding Dates

WeddingDates engaged with the MSTG to develop a solution to add social networking and gamification functionality to our service offering. MSTG provided an innovative solution delivered in a  professional manner. The new functionality helped us to learn more about our customers, improve customer retention and grow our market. We hope to work together again in the future with the MSTG to further develop our service offering with innovative and exciting new features.

– Ciara Crossan, Founder and CEO, Wedding Dates



We believe that our capability to research and develop new innovative products for the eircom group is enhanced by working with industry and academic partners and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the TSSG in this regard

Eircom logo – Geoff Shakespeare, CTO, eircom


The ASG Group

TSSG provided The ASG Group with a report that will guide our future product development as well as preparation for the review of the code by any 3rd party (a partner or acquiring company).  I believe it will save us a lot of time and money by making sure that further software development is as efficiently planned as possible.

ASG logo – Ray Collis, Director, The ASG Group


Matrix Recruitment Group

The D&U Team at TSSG were excellent to work with. They provided a lot of support and guidance from the beginning of the project right through to the design completion. Through working with the Design and Usability Team at TSSG we gained a greater understanding of the project as a whole and what we are trying to achieve. This gave us the confidence to proceed to the next levels of the project and brought the project from idea stage into realisation.

I would not hesitate in working with the D&U Team at TSSG in the future and would strongly recommend their services to any company looking to develop a  technical project.

matrix logo – Lisa Popplewell, Matrix Recruitment Group


Pinpoint Alert

Working with the Design and usability Team, we are 100% satisfied with everything and the work completed will prove to be excellent as we move to further development stages.

The work has been worth its weight in gold.

pinpoint alerts logo – Brendan Cunningham, PinPoint Alert



We worked with TSSG and the Design Team on designing a new digital media concept for a major client. As a direct result of their excellent work on the visualisation, design and prototyping we now have this project up and running.

nemeton logo – Irial MacMhurchu, Nemeton


My Probate Ltd

I found working with D&U  extremely easy and beneficial and their expertise allowed my project to develop from the seedling of an idea to a stage where I can make it a working product. They had the technological skills and knowledge that I did not to develop the idea and they were extremely generous and patient with their time, explaining the process as work progressed.

– Ethel Deacon, My Probate Ltd.


Tektronix Communications

To date, TSSG have built two Predictive Analytics solutions for us as well as an underlying Big Data platform. I have been very impressed with their expertise, domain knowledge and productivity. They show considerable pragmatism and creativity in delivering proven value to our customers”.

– Mark Nolan, Product Manager, Tektronix Communications


Two-Ten Health

Two-Ten Health partnered with TSSG to compile, get approval for a proposal for an Innovation Partnership from Enterprise Ireland. The proposal was to design and build an innovative new Mobile Clinical Interface System (MCIS) for the existing Two-Ten Health product Salud.

The scope of the project was to enhance Salud’s Clinical module by building a new “mobile clinical interface” to take advantage of the latest tablet/mobile devices, and improve the ergonomics, user interface, and display of clinical information for users.

In addition to this, a new Research module was also designed and built to take advantage of the latest ‘Big Data’ techniques to allow the clinical data be data-mined and analysed for advanced clinical research.

The Innovation Partnership was a success for all involved with sharing technical knowledge/skills to deliver a cutting-edge product.

– Dave Howard, CTO of Two-Ten Health


Iricent Ltd.

At Iricent Ltd. ( we focus on enabling service innovation using SDN and NFV solutions and have been engaged with TSSG in an ongoing research and development collaboration. Throughout our engagement we have been continuously impressed with both the quality of the outputs and the open inclusive approach of the very knowledgeable TSSG personnel.

– Damian Murray, Director of Iricent Ltd.


Fijowave Ltd.

Fijowave develop secure remote access products. By engaging with TSSG, we accessed their expertise in the IT sector to analyse and optimise our designs from a security and reliability perspective.

The Infrastructure Group at TSSG, lead by Jerry Horgan, carried out their work in a very professional and collaborative manner and their expertise in the IT & communications fields contributed greatly in enabling us to bring to market a highly secure and high reliability product. We would have no hesitation in working with TSSG on future projects.

– Michael O’Keeffe, CEO, Fijowave Ltd.



We were delighted to work on a collaborative project with the TSSG knowing they had extensive research capacity in mobile platforms, advanced mobile services, and data analytics.  The work carried out has provided Betapond with significant benefits, allowing us to deliver solutions to leading global brands in the market and has helped galvanize our position as a Facebook Preferred Developer.

– Peter Elger, CTO, Betapond



When defining the scope of the Affinity project it was important for Kodacall that the project addressed technology features that satisfied short, medium and long term issues for our customers and for us. With the deep knowledge base and open collaborative model of the TSSG, this proved to be an easy objective to achieve and we are delighted with the outcomes and solutions from the engagement with the TSSG.

– Emmanuel Doubinsky, CEO Kodacall


Musinc Ltd

The Innovation voucher report prepared by Eamonn and his team at the TSSG was pivotal in the progression and development of our business model. We have been able to explore the potential that exists around various technical components and infrastructure to the extent that we have assessed with confidence that this is an innovative solution worth progressing. As such we have agreed to work together on a feasibility study that will ultimately lead into an Innovation partnership. We found that the TSSG technical expertise, research, and ability to convey and articulate both their findings and recommendations have been defining factors in our conviction to pursue this venture further with Eamonn and his team.

– Ben Wainwright, Music Ltd



ZolkC engaged with the TSSG to provide on going support for existing software and attraction installations as well as providing new apps, the TSSGs expertise in the fields of Location (indoor and outdoor), Domain Specific Languages, Mobile Development, Server Technologies and Mobile hardware requirements, have proved invaluable in allowing ZolkC to maintain its lead in bringing innovative software and hardware solutions to demanding customers.

– Andrew White, CEO, ZolkC Ltd. Andrew White, CEO ZolkC.



Waterford Technologies

“We were very impressed by the skills and professionalism of the TSSG team, the speed with which they engaged with us and how they understood our product, our business requirements and directions we wished to go in with the new cloud service. Our partnership with TSSG in the development of MFA generation 2 has produced some impressive results so far and we are keen to further expand this partnership in the future.”

– Lorcan Kennedy, CTO Waterford Technologies